We are working on strategy for USA and have recently brought in senior talent (in USA) to help.

I'm strange.American is native speakers of English and you can learn more about NEM than Japanese. However, few people make study groups and applications.

Hi New to the group here. Just curious if anyone knows when new membership will be resumed?


Thank you for this information. Its certainly progress. I suggest you also post this type of information over on your Reddit page to keep everyone possible informed. One question please on the new Catapult token. My guess is that the Catapult token will not be compatible with existing XEM wallets. As such a new batch of totally new wallets will need to be developed and distributed. Is that correct ? Thanks again.

👁 https://forum.nem.io/t/catapult-nis1-tokenomics-public-proposal/23660 Please check out and also share the Catapult + NIS1 Tokenomics Public Proposal. Note: Japanese community - there is currently a Google Translate version until a better Japanese version is available. Specifically worth looking at is a time-series economic simulation model for Catapult for the community to test out: https://tokenomicslabs.shinyapps.io/Catapult/
New #Catapult Migration updates are now up! Take a look at what the Migration Committee's been up to recently and the progress made since the last update. Update 3 (Revised Recommendation): http://bit.ly/migration-update-3Update 3.1 (Opt-Out vs Opt-In): http://bit.ly/migration-update-3-1Update 3.2 (Post Launch Opt-In): http://bit.ly/migration-update-3-2Update 3.3 (Multisignature Accounts): http://bit.ly/migration-update-3-3

is this official us channel?

@tekaverz Use this channel instead http://bit.ly/-NEMRed
📢First update from the Catapult Brand Steering Committee! https://forum.nem.io/t/catapult-brand-update-1/23875 Today the goal is to share a new way to look at Catapult from a different lens than the one you may be used to. It’s a glimpse at what the future of Catapult looks like in Q1 2020. @NEMofficial
👉🏻 Looking for community feedback. https://twitter.com/inside_nem/status/1197974946787528705?s=21
👉🏻 The Catapult Brand Steering Committee released the latest update. The team is working to solidify the final proposal for community and core team to consider. Thanks for your patience! https://forum.nem.io/t/catapult-brand-update-2/23956
📣 Lithuania's central bank to issue digital collectible coin https://www.ledgerinsights.com/lithuania-central-bank-digital-collectible-coin/
https://twitter.com/BinanceAmerica/status/1204619289757507585?s=19 Alright, Americans! We're looking for more exchanges in the USA to support NEM! Give a shout out to Binance US that you want XEM.💪🏻
Just a quick note letting folks know that I wrote a post on why we chose purple for Symbol instead of keeping the NEM's current color scheme. https://forum.nem.io/t/brand-update-7-the-color-scheme-and-strategy-behind-symbol/24067

Says the symbol token allocation opt-in for XEM holders is underway. Is there a link to where to sign up for this?

@lewisfarrell will share larger comms on this when it's got the greenlight from the cross-functional teams.

✅ Hi NEM community! Be sure to check out the SYMBOL ticker POI vote happening now. https://forum.nem.io/t/community-poi-vote-symbol-ticker/24173?u=laurabkk

📢 Community, please take note. We are currently experiencing issues with our NEM Official Twitter handle and are working with Twitter Support to have it resolved ASAP. In the meantime, please visit forum.nem.io for the latest updates on NEM and Symbol.

📢 Big congratulations to our partner @BimTrazer on signing a MOU with Qatar in preparation for construction for FIFA 2022 World Cup! ⚽️ 🏆 We love seeing projects use Symbol! https://forum.nem.io/t/bimtrazer-signs-mou-in-qatar/24324

This has got to be the most silent chat group on telegram. And it's scary because I know it's active on demand.

We mainly direct folks to RED.

So if Symbol will have a fixed supply of 9B, XEM has a supply of 9B, and receiving Symbol tokens for XEM holdings at snapshot time requires a manual opt-in, does that mean that conceivably some of those 9B Symbol tokens may be forever frozen if XEM holders fail to opt-in?

Alexandra Tinsman | NEM.io

You say: “We need to take a look at the narrative of our product lines which is still being discussed.” Any timeframe?

Not a problem, just kind of interesting.

In theory, those dormant XEM are probably already defacto frozen – it’s just that it will be actually known with certainty on Symbol at genesis (or whenever the opt-in period ends).

Nice to see you Mr. Wallfacer. 😉 They have have 6 years to opt in @wallfacer. There’s a more comprehensive plan to discuss this on the forums here ➡️ https://forum.nem.io/t/migration-committee-catapult-tokenomics-proposal/23979
And here’s a helpful summary on the tokenomics: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1As9fg9ccxTzcUK6pi1rIThF-CYjxvc8zQUOiP3AoR2A/edit?usp=sharing
Misha Granin
You say: “We need to take a look at the narrative of our product lines which is still being discussed.” Any timeframe?

Yes, I anticipate this will be shared more widely after testing of Symbol (which I hope everyone in this group is participating in.)