When I talked to the old school Bitcoiners, like circa 2013, they were all from Florida

This is the new wave Bitcoin 3.0

Bought bitcoin a few years ago..but traded out. I probably should have held. I owned litecoin back then also.

esp. shackled to the bitcoin code base, lame.

What questions did you have the toughest time with when you first got interested in NEM?

What is the point of delegated harvesting, is it just to reduce the wrong of fees for everyday purchases? How does the nem blockchain stay safe/r than bitcoin with less energy?

If XEM reaches half the market cap of bitcoin it will be $1 per XEM. This seems quite plausible to me.

There is a guy who threw out a hard drive with 10,000 bitcoin, tracked down the landfill where it ended up, but couldn't find it. He says once the value reaches $50m he has people who will loan him the money to buy the whole landfill and dig it up.

you can send bitcoin from coinbase

just about everything outside of bitcoin and eth require some hoop jumping to get your hands on

Remember : when bitcoin was $30 it already had a 300 million valuation

Avalon Life announces Green Earth Zero tokens, makes buying less than one square meter of land possible in Costa Rica. #NEMBlockchain

Knowing nem they will purposely make an announcement right before bitcoin takes a dive. Lol.

I dont think catapault will be released in july.. unless they want to time with the fall of bitcoin.... idk. I dont expect nem to go up till they want it to which is when they are confident it's under use.

Bitcoin ATMs in West Philly, hilarious

No one thought bitcoin would be where it’s today.

Beyond Bitcoin: Overstock Lets Customers Pay With More Than 40 Alt Coins #XEM #NEMAcceptedInOverstock
(PoI) Proof-of-importance (Voting) – “We are in the middle of setting up a voting system that will allow students to vote on what computer hardware we purchase for the school.”
Beyondthe Galaxy
Poi means nothing said to a businesz persin wo explaining a concept behind it.

Why would you say that? Companies like to say how they are environmentally friendly and community concious. Poi is cheaper and saved a shit ton of power. Unlike pow or pos which is Ethereum and Bitcoin

30 cent cuz bitcoin has risen but nem has fallen

Dear NEM Community, LoyalCoin, powered by NEM Blockchain, is set to launch its token generation event (TGE) on December 11, 2017, with a pre-TGE period starting November 11, 2017. In support of this event, LoyalCoin is launching a bounty program that encourages advocacy, marketing, content creation, and public support endeavors for LoyalCoin. For more info about the bounty program, please visit: Bounty Program.pdf LoyalCoin will grant 100,000 LYL per translated thread and whitepaper on their main BitcoinTalk announcement on a specific language. This should include active moderation of that page and communication with them on what to answer for certain questions. There are subforums for up to 20 languages on BitcoinTalk. Meanwhile, LoyalCoin will grant 50,000 LYL per quality assurance (QA) work for each translated thread. Both thread translation/moderation and QA work shall go on until the date of completion of the TGE. For those who are interested to continue thread moderation and QA work, they can negotiate with LoyalCoin for a special arrangement. For general inquiries, please contact [email protected]. Looking forward to your usual cooperation!

Do one's going to talk about this huge bull run? Wow

I like this better. Hate to be like Bitcoin where they have memes every hour about the price.

Ill put stickers on bitcoin atms hehehe

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bitcoin is technically xbt

because people call it "Bitcoin"

@bitcoiner / @zlenz_orelav Can one of you remove the spam keyboard

@bitcoiner You can add stuff now as well.

So I just read that Chairmain Jay Clayton from the SEC has stated specifically that BITCOIN is not a security? So I would say XEM is not a security as well? thoughts?

Here is a snippet of that statement: "It's a complicated area. Because, as you said, there are different types of cryptoassets. Let me try and divide them into two areas. A pure medium of exchange, the one that's most often cited, is Bitcoin. As a replacement for currency, that has been determined by most people to not be a security. Then there are tokens, which are used to finance projects. I've been on the record saying there are very few, there's none that I've seen, tokens that aren't securities. To the extent something is a security, we should regulate it as a security, and our securities regulations are disclosure-based, and people should follow those and provide the information that we require."

So after learning more about the CFTC, I hear there's this thing about FUTURES and how there's a thing for bitcoin futures contracts. Now how does that work and why would people do that for current stuff and then for bitcoin or any other crypto currency in the future? Just trying to find out why futures?

Everyone heard about the concept of blockchain, but today we will talk about a new direction - this is the sidechain and crosschain. Sidechain is a new blockchain system based on the parent chain. Sidechains implement new financial ecosystems through integration into bitcoin, ethereum, and etc., which distinguishes them from other cryptocurrencies, which ignore existing networks. Using sidechains, we can easily create all sorts of smart financial contracts, stocks, futures, derivatives and much more. Blockchain will become a sustainable language used in communication between economic agents (people, robots, etc). In the future will be a multiple range of blockchains both centralized and decentralized. Moving forward blockchains will have the ability to communicate with each other. In connection with this, we see the evolution of ATUMbridge from the platform of various tokens exchange in ATUMbridge 2.0 to full-fledged bridge between different blockchains. The goal of the bridge is to simplify economic agent communication. Today blockchain as a language of the future is only beginning to take shape; in practice, now and then, it can be employed only in a cryptocurrency trade. In the perspective of several years, there will be the formation of clearing centers based on a number of blockchains. Clearing transactions will occur in the blockchain (p2p), the objects of trade will be synthetic instruments (due to which the crosschain is predominantly committed) to any class of assets. In this process, the issues of sustainability and reliability will be provided by the blockchain and independent nodes themselves. Further, by using synthetic tools, trading operations and clearing can be fully used in the process of a direct crosschain. The final stage is the complete integration of blockchain and crosschain solutions into the world financial cryptosystem. --------- ATUMChain ATUMchain project offers us on the organization of a crosschain platform for the exchange of cryptocurrency assets. ATUMchain is a crosschain solution. This solution will allow us to make transactions between various blockchains. At the heart of the platform is their own blockchain which is tested on NEM, as well as a number of other solutions. The purpose of ATUM is to provide a fast exchange of transactions (financial and other logic) at the client-client level. ATUMbridge is a crosschain platform for trading of cryptocurrencies. The platform has own blockchain tested on NEM, Tendermint. The aim of ATUMbridge is to provide transparent client-client (wallet-wallet) trading without a stock of funds to the exchange. Advantages of ATUMbridge - Direct client-client trading, counterparty risk is leveled; - No restrictions on the volume of transactions and the need to pass KYC; - Impossibility of the site to manipulate prices and trade against customers; - Trade commission is 10x lower with the same speed and volume of processed transactions; - Possibility of option trading; - Reliable security of funds - funds are stored in the lockbox on a multi-account account and changes to the account are possible only if a "consensus" is reached between the owner, the site - ATUMbridge and the independent nodes of NEM; - Speed of event processing per second of ATUMbridge is not inferior to existing centralized platforms, and besides there is the possibility of connection via API for traders; - Commission - ATUMbridge is a competitive commission, which is 0.01% per transaction, which is almost 10 times less than that of existing sites; - ATUMbridge is a platform where real traders can attract customers, and all back-office and risk management will be undertaken by NEM and ATUMbridge blockchain.

Nembers in the Atlanta area, come help shape the conversation with the SEC on bitcoin and ICO’s in today’s town hall meeting!

Our partner @BistoxExchange has recently launched its bounty program! Check it out!

Just read news made by bitcoinnews?

We need dealine for catapult

The new Council is working through transition plans and we will share more soon. Technically new Council starts Jan 1 but we’ve met twice to get jumpstart on major issues and governance. Also the coin price is not correlated to me being elected. The coin price has always fluctuated mainly based on the market - specifically Bitcoin. Do you follow Willy Woo on Twitter or read his blog? He’s been spot on with market trends and has intimate understanding of NEM. and @woonomic