its so much to taken as a noob man when i looked at dash and u needed like 1k dash to get a masternode

i did 6 dollars in dash when it was 45$

Herbivorechimp G0V3G4N
i did 6 dollars in dash when it was 45$

6 bucks? only i asume u didint get much dash for 6 bucks as price wass wayy high

just click on the txn from your dashboard

Herbivorechimp G0V3G4N
it just shows me the amount i sent i cant click on it, is the txn id or hash just that?

On the Dashboard tab, it should show a list of transactions there. If you mouse over each they should highlight, and clicking should expand it down to show details including block hash.

Nope, that is a tradeoff that is debated quite a bit. Dash, Monero, Zcoin have a lot of fans because of their privacy features. On the other side are those like NEM who believe that companies won't adopt technology unless they know who they are doing business with. So NEM seems to be targeting business use as a higher priority.

It doesn't say, just goes back to my dashboard, as if I never sent anything out. Weird

All the ethereum videos and ripple videos and dash videos we are sharing this

What's with the lack of NEM exposure? The "main" altcoins I see in most articles are ETH, DASH, ETH, and LTC. Even though we just blew past LTC again

Dash is way up in market bc of this

First without dashes then with dashes