Ethereum is going crazy.

Im very excited to see what they are planning to do (on ethereum) and i want to see if nem can do it better :D

Do you think that's why our volume is so low compared to Ethereum or Ripple?

Cool. Clif High actually mentioned Dimcoin as a project with great potential... it's great to see DAPPS ICOs coming out on NEM... we need the network effect of people building on NEM. Plus, with the scaling issues that Ethereum is struggling with... some people might start losing faith in ETH as a long term solution for all as their Roadmap keeps getting pushed back significantly. Metropolis was suppose to release last summer and they are now hoping for a mini Metropolis in September.

26 cents to 14...... Ethereum from 420-215. It's not fun ahaha

I like how Ethereum talk of scalability issues and slow transaction speeds and struggling to find solutions.

All the ethereum videos and ripple videos and dash videos we are sharing this

Very functional ideas but i need to understand more about tech and most especially nems perspective on the political arena, mostly in regards to us position on ethereum.

Beyondthe Galaxy
Poi means nothing said to a businesz persin wo explaining a concept behind it.

Why would you say that? Companies like to say how they are environmentally friendly and community concious. Poi is cheaper and saved a shit ton of power. Unlike pow or pos which is Ethereum and Bitcoin

I am certain many know but im better majority do not... i.e. if I talked to Joann the asst dean, shed be like so why nem over ethereum for ur idea. If I said.. oh well POI. She and i basically didnt communicate.

This happened early on with EOS and ethereum

New NEM news! This time I am explaining why there is a dump on XEM, a story about the difference between Ethereum and NEM, ICOs, and more:

As for Lon, just look at the types of buesses he is courting...they are all inter-related. He is building his own web of businesses that weill eventurally all work with each other. He once said, if no exchange wants to list them, we build our own. Also look at Comsa with today's Ethereum, in the future there will be ICO's that are vetted by Comsa, and ICO's that are not vetted at all under Nem blockchain. If you do an ico not vetted, people will think what you have to hide? He is building a community based on Nem, not worry at all what the price of Xem is

⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ This is a scam. Do not click any links similar to this: — telegra dot ph/ NEM-is-giving-away-5000-Ethereum-ETH-03-22
I recently did a webinar about blockchain architecture. Talks about the disadvantages of Ethereum, then right after covers how NEM is superior and what it can do:

So this is from wikipedia: "A smart contract is a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. Smart contracts allow the performance of credible transactions without third parties." We usually see this on Ethereum because that's what it does, but now there are tons running on it. So on NEM, you run such logic outside of the blockchain, simply on your own system or another. Being off chain, you have the ability to update it if needed, especially if there are security vulnerabilities. Once a contract is verified by whatever your logic is, then the contract can initiate a transaction with the blockchain for whatever needs to be done.

A sneak peak to a company called, a decentralized P2P lending platform for affordable educational loans. Originally developed on Ethereum and is now shifting gears to the NEM blockchain, Sernez is looking to onboard the first students and colleges in India and soon after in the USA. I am looking forward to this platform that could save students time and money at any college in the world.

Everyone heard about the concept of blockchain, but today we will talk about a new direction - this is the sidechain and crosschain. Sidechain is a new blockchain system based on the parent chain. Sidechains implement new financial ecosystems through integration into bitcoin, ethereum, and etc., which distinguishes them from other cryptocurrencies, which ignore existing networks. Using sidechains, we can easily create all sorts of smart financial contracts, stocks, futures, derivatives and much more. Blockchain will become a sustainable language used in communication between economic agents (people, robots, etc). In the future will be a multiple range of blockchains both centralized and decentralized. Moving forward blockchains will have the ability to communicate with each other. In connection with this, we see the evolution of ATUMbridge from the platform of various tokens exchange in ATUMbridge 2.0 to full-fledged bridge between different blockchains. The goal of the bridge is to simplify economic agent communication. Today blockchain as a language of the future is only beginning to take shape; in practice, now and then, it can be employed only in a cryptocurrency trade. In the perspective of several years, there will be the formation of clearing centers based on a number of blockchains. Clearing transactions will occur in the blockchain (p2p), the objects of trade will be synthetic instruments (due to which the crosschain is predominantly committed) to any class of assets. In this process, the issues of sustainability and reliability will be provided by the blockchain and independent nodes themselves. Further, by using synthetic tools, trading operations and clearing can be fully used in the process of a direct crosschain. The final stage is the complete integration of blockchain and crosschain solutions into the world financial cryptosystem. --------- ATUMChain ATUMchain project offers us on the organization of a crosschain platform for the exchange of cryptocurrency assets. ATUMchain is a crosschain solution. This solution will allow us to make transactions between various blockchains. At the heart of the platform is their own blockchain which is tested on NEM, as well as a number of other solutions. The purpose of ATUM is to provide a fast exchange of transactions (financial and other logic) at the client-client level. ATUMbridge is a crosschain platform for trading of cryptocurrencies. The platform has own blockchain tested on NEM, Tendermint. The aim of ATUMbridge is to provide transparent client-client (wallet-wallet) trading without a stock of funds to the exchange. Advantages of ATUMbridge - Direct client-client trading, counterparty risk is leveled; - No restrictions on the volume of transactions and the need to pass KYC; - Impossibility of the site to manipulate prices and trade against customers; - Trade commission is 10x lower with the same speed and volume of processed transactions; - Possibility of option trading; - Reliable security of funds - funds are stored in the lockbox on a multi-account account and changes to the account are possible only if a "consensus" is reached between the owner, the site - ATUMbridge and the independent nodes of NEM; - Speed of event processing per second of ATUMbridge is not inferior to existing centralized platforms, and besides there is the possibility of connection via API for traders; - Commission - ATUMbridge is a competitive commission, which is 0.01% per transaction, which is almost 10 times less than that of existing sites; - ATUMbridge is a platform where real traders can attract customers, and all back-office and risk management will be undertaken by NEM and ATUMbridge blockchain. Hi guys, Check out this article about the NEM and it's benefits over ETH! The company I'm working with is one of the many looking to integrate some features onto the NEM so if you'd like to know please join our Telegram:
Matt (@wallfacer)
Cool to see NEM show up on a list like this:

Ikr. Ethereum is not even there and we are up there amongst r3 and ibm!

Clifton Spencer
I'm less than a year into blockchain. And I've got to admit I'm seeing a lot of similar projects being made by people, who, if they collaborated instead, this would be a decade ahead

I think collaboration is the hard part. Projects like Ethereum that have hundreds of developers can't even make fast progress since there's no boss or authority to push anyone toward decisions.