Cool to see NEM show up on a list like this:

Those are indeed very good use cases for blockchain in general, and NEM in particular.

Hi everyone, the May update is out for your reading pleasure.
Catapult update around Namespaces and Mosaics
Hi Everyone, please find below the link to the AMA from Alexandra Tinsman filmed yesterday. We apologize for the delay in release.
Hi all!For those interested in receiving updates about Mobi please join our telegram:
Hi everyone, Catapult Dragon update is out and here is a breakdown of some features!

Same concepts as pooling in POW, and DPOS. The great thing about NEMs approach, is it's trustless. The pool cannot steal my delegated coins.

Any notes as to why this would be the case for nem?

I mean nem does no volume on the exchange anyway... I would be more concerned if it’s a bigger exchange

NEM’s token sale was so small that I have trouble believing it would ever be considered a regulatory priority, but still.

Hello everyone. We want to announce the launch of NEM Studios. A lot of work has gone into this over the previous months and we can now finally share with the community a very exciting progression for the NEM ecosystem - NEM Studios. You can read more about what NEM Studios is and what we aim to achieve here -
Check out this beautiful and fun video from Gimre of the NEM developers working on Catapult blockchain technology the past 3+ years. Looking forward to public launch this fall!

Well I have been in a journey .... all from a catfish that showed up in the Nem chat 🤣 if anyone messages you for any reason automatically assume catfish on telegram

NEM Price Analysis: New blockchain set to launch in late 2019
We are excited to announce our most recent investment - a seed round with IoDLT, an ecosystem partner focussing on Blockchain (NEM Catapult) and IOT solutions.
​​NEM SP New Contract |Catapult-Trezor Wallet IntegrationWe are excited to announce a new contract opportunity under NEM Service Provider! Request-for-Proposal (RFP) for Trezor integration with NEM Catapult is now open! 👉 16th of August 12:00 AM UTCClose: 24th of August 12:00 AM UTC📌 Interested? Sign up now!📌 How to register? Click 👉here📌 About NEM SP