can you help me with this I have a project of the U where I want to upload an apostille to see if they authorize it or not, I want it to have multifirms for the manager to sign the accounting one too etc. and that the user who uploaded the apostille can see how the process of accepting or denying the apostille is going.

Hey! Can someone share the symbol icon purple in svg?

Thanks @Micko_Martin !!

Always welcome 😀

Hey @Micko_Martin , not the logo, the Y icon only

This must be it.. lol..

Some can help me to have some XEMS to complete some tests?

I have an account where i add a multisig user, however i tried to send XEMS but the nano wallet wont let me send xems to another account, the message say something about that the multisign no puede enviar xems

Someone knows how i can fix that?

So, that means that my cosigner

Have access to send the XEMS

That i have on the wallet?

Luis Pedro Peñalonzo
So, that means that my cosigner

Yes. Another account is owner of your multisig account.

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Hi all. I am currently reading the docs and tutorials for Multisiig Accounts (e.g restrictions etc.) and Escrow. I want to ask if it is possible to implement a "condition" to the multisig account? Such that it listen/subscribe to external data (e.g API) and not just requiring N signatures