Will NeM use sharding?

What would be the use case of sharding? I'm of the opinion that if your core is fast enough there is no need for sharding/adding complexity to the blockchain.

Hey guys nem.model.transactions.send take 3 parameters? common, transactionEntity, endpoint? my transaction is yet prepared and signed i have to sign again in the send with common object? Because i want to sign offline so i dont want to use the common object with private key when i send online

Yes feeling the same

More tx capacity just means more tx. Doesn't mean a faster network.

So how’d you scale in case it was needed?

the point is, people work with what they have. if there is high throughput you just wind up with more lower value transactions.

scaling can be achieved through nested chains, off chain, side chains or even protocol upgrade

So not a sharding’s fan?

If it was easy then sure. It's super hard though. IMV it's better to have something that works and start using it and scale as possible/necessary, just like the internet.

when they were talking about scaling the eth network way back, there was an article about the tx fee/rate economics. I think it was written by zamfir but I don't remember clearly and it's so long ago I doubt I could find the source.

The gist of it was that tx capacity is like the multi-lane roads feeding a city. If you expand the road, it still gets packed in rush hour. people are willing to wait an hour in traffic, but not longer. With larger roads it just means that more people can wait an hour. the solution to traffic jams is not to build more road. it is to work from home, improve public transportation, disincentivise car use etc. Same with blockchain.

in fairness though, in the case of eth they would probably see a big uptick in adoption if they could scale. they have powerful backers and tons of projects. they've been working on it for years though and still nothing.

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If it was easy then sure. It's super hard though. IMV it's better to have something that works and start using it and scale as possible/necessary, just like the internet.

I'm of the same opinion. It is a nice thought experiment to discuss about sharding, but many times we rush into it before considering other parts that could be improved. Like you don't need cache if you can process data fast enough.

So anyone could think that the new chains that are just been created with sharding features are useless coz there’s no business use case yet. And maybe they’ll end up not being used. It’s a different think in the case of Ethereum they must scale to survive.

So the new ones are using this feature as a market bait

Maybe in case the chain is focused on DeFi and things like that it could be reasonable. Using stable coins and all kind of tokens. In summary an eth clone

I see sharding as a solution for a problem to *database scaling*.

In my opinion, it s not the sole purpose of a blockchain, to be just a different type of database 🙂

But I also see *sharding research / execution* as something beautiful (even though takes X years ….) ; It’s one more of those “blockchain induced” innovations/research re-iterations …. what is beautiful to see is the innovative approaches that are taken by these entreprises. Sharding with databases is nothing new, but having blockchain look at such patterns is interesting because solutions evolve and that ultimately makes blockchain more and more strong 🙂


Can someone send test xem here?

Is nem still investigating in projects?

Can I ask for a list of Exchanges which are open to easily list NEM Mosaic tokens as trading pairs? I have a prospect customer who wants to run his own token-project (ICO or similar, I don't care too much about the specifics at this moment) but he asks whether it's similarly possible to get exchanges to list NEM-based tokens like it is to list ERC20 tokens.I'd love to guid him toward NEM. But ... Not sure how about the exchange listing matter.

Any advice is very welcome. Thanks

Impossible in Japan.Someone make a NEM's uniswap!

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Hello! Please introduce yourself.

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