myMosaic.recipient(address2).sender(address1).fee(from my special address)

I need the sender not to spend coins on the commission

or I need the sender to not have an xem to send my mosaic

Neo Cortex
First of all, why NIS downloading blocks each time from scratch, every time I restart it?

Just correction. It doesn't downloading blocks over network. Just loading from disk into memory.

Neo Cortex
I know, but it takes time every time

Yeap. Unfortunately. I hope chain loading will be faster on Catapult.

its posible?

Maybe on Catapult using Aggregate Bonded Transaction. But I don't have "Paying for others fees"

what's the difference between mijin_test and test_net

I want to make a stable coin, what kind of network do I use? mijin_main or main_net?

what's the difference between mijin_test and test_net

Mijin test is a private network (uses sha3)Testnet is a public network (uses keccak-sha3)

Other differences include address formatting.. (S... and T...)

trying to implement my own NEM address checker

5. prepend version: 681f142c5ea4853063ed6dc3c13aaa8257cd7daf116. sha3-256 of above:09132a5ea90ab7fa077847a699b4199691b4130f66876254eadd70ae459dbb537. 4-byte checksum: 09132a5e (first 4 bytes of the above)sha3_256(681f142c5ea4853063ed6dc3c13aaa8257cd7daf11) does not give 09132a5ea90ab7fa077847a699b4199691b4130f66876254eadd70ae459dbb53

the output is 266f6b2f1e0755260dbc51a37e7cd6dab1483470587b2df536741c38c8be4010

Danny Willems
any help?

look in SKD code - there is refefrence inplementation of such checks.

Thks, found it later. It's keccak and not sha3 to use

Has been restarted the NEM testnet any time in history?

Ray Long

Tell them, they should use catapult

Hi All, we are havingan issue with hugealice nem1 server refusing our request from past few days.

We used hugealice for our historical data

have you tried other Alice nodes in the nodelist?

Anto Dominic
We used hugealice for our historical data

Hi, this one has set option for historical data, should work.

which server do i use in testnet for historical data

i used to use

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