network exploration can be done with tools like the one published on slack by uk44

Iterating over the nodes give you a better idea of the network. At any moment your node maintains a list of ~40 other nodes, every node has a list of ~40 nodes and so forms the network. However if you look at the logs you will see that in a certain time period roughly all the nodes in the network will come in contact with your node. (This could change however if the node network becomes very large)

ohhh I see, now I get it. thanks much guys for these informations. 😁👌

Just thinking, is there any incentive in running a Testnet node? Like Cardano’s

Just thinking, is there any incentive in running a Testnet node? Like Cardano’s

Yes. You can learn how to run and maintain a node for long term. Also you can experiment without worrying of losing real tokens

Testnet nodes don’t harvest real assets

That’s fantastic. And any incentive for paying the cloud costs?
But you can get free $100 on digitalocean for 60 days and run test node. - link.

Not available free vps for 60 days?

Влад Бондаренко
Not available free vps for 60 days?

With digitalocean ref link you get 100$ startfunds for 60 days. You can use this to fund a vps for 60 days for free

Im also with them, so...

Google cloud is also offering $300 credits for one year

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Hi, I set up a testnet node using the NIS standalone package downloaded from Before this it has no problem on synchronizing but recently it becomes much slower and its running 200+ blocks behind (referring to the block heights). I also downloaded the newest version of the package from but it still doesn’t help. I search every solution in this forum and I tried everyone of them (including changing the script, the heap size) but it still delay. Can I know what is the problem of this?

Hi everyone, I got my node running yesterday. Its address is below if you want to test connecting to it:

For those running a testnode: new update is out:
For those running a testnode: new update is out:

Nice. Updated my node smoothly. Custom configs need to be reconfigured manually though, but it's fine. 👍

Shaun Belcher
What does the update entail? I haven't had to do this yet

there's a new role which is pure API only, so therefore there 3 roles now1. API/Harvesting2. API3. Peer

Hi.. I am currently trying the catapult service bootstrap private network.. I created few profiles and able to view the list.. but when I want to view the individual account info.. error message comes out.. may I know what's the problem?

Invite link:

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