For people that are setting up a testnode but not connecting to peers, paste this in the link in /api-harvest-assembly/api-node/userconfig/resources/peers-p2p.json

Any ideas how I can run the catapult-tools when running catapult via docker?

sudo docker-compose exec api-node-0 bash

should put you in bash of the running server

then at root you ll find /catapult/bin

greg evias
sudo docker-compose exec api-node-0 bash

Should I run this where I start the server docker? I'm getting an ERROR: No such service: api-node-0

Hello! Have this issue on ionic4 WARNING in ./node_modules/nem-sdk/node_modules/ajv/lib/async.js 119:15-28Critical dependency: the request of a dependency is an expressionAny advice?

Could you link the Github repo, please?

Bader Youssef
Could you link the Github repo, please? There is docs, links for repo unavailable.

I have a patch for Ionic, but unsure if it will work for nem-library

Are you sure you're using nem-library? Seems you are using nem-sdk by Quantum Mechanics:

If you like, you can PM me your package.json file @didkovsky_dev

If I remember correctly, seems to be a webpack issue - try executing this script in the root of your Ionic project (node patch.js). It's meant for nem2-sdk, but they share some dependencies iirc so it should work:

annoying how Ionic made it harder to do custom webpack configs (since ionic 4), but oh well 🙄