make sure the spot on mine that says LF, says that for you, not CRLF

Mine says CRLF.

please left click that word and you will have two options

that will help you in future. now, just need to reset your files back to original state (without the CRLF symbols present) quickest way to do a git reset, and then try running the install again docker-compose up --force-recreate --build

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😁 Just did "git reset --hard" and "docker-compose up --force-recreate --build". The "code 126" is still there though.

I believe there's some issues with wsl and docker, many people have reported on the issues at GitHub

Something to do with wsl, docker and mount being incompatible, it's weird but seems like a common issue😞

It's not wsl. @Cate is running it in Docker toolbox. It uses virtualbox

i think I'll just bundle a docker image with the wait files. That way we don't have to deal with the line ending issue on WIndows systems

On second thought. Might not be a good idea. I'm not sure how to bundle the ruby files together

Still not working...

@Cate you can try thisSet git default checkout line endings git config --global core.autocrlf falseDelete the catapult-service-bootstrap folderCheckout the repository git clone the two /data/mongo lines from docker-compose.ymlStart the service docker-compose up

Do I type the first step in the terminal? And if so do I put a space between autocrlf and false?

Basically when git checkouts a folder, it converts the line endings to Windows format. So we have to prevent that from happening. The delete and checkout of the folder is to make sure that the line endings are correct. You can make sure by opening a file in VS Code to see if the line ending is LF.

Thanks! I'll try it. 🙂

I'll need to write all these questions somewhere more permanant

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@Jtey1 I'm running "docker-compose up"; it's not working.


What does the logs for DB show?

Do you want me to take another screenshot of the rest of the logs?

The logs just stopped there and it didn't finish.

Did you delete the two lines of /data/mongo from the docker-compose.yml?

@Jtey1 yes I did.

So far I have cloned the catapult project on GitHub, removed the two lines with /data & /mongo in them, and run "docker-compose up". I checked out localhost:3000/block/1 a couple of times and it still isn't working. I also ran "curl localhost:3000/block/1" in the terminal (command prompt) several times.What should I do now? Thanks!

@cate it looks like you're almost there courtesy of JT. the last part is to do with Docker, what you've change and the following screenshot

that you no longer have the link to /data/mongo in your docker-compose file, it will use a volume within the container so, so long as Docker is aware of a container linked to that image, it will claim / use that space.

in your logs, it is showing that location exists already so, the space is not clearing (one reason or another) so, i'd actually try leaving the following lines in but, make sure the first location points to somewhere that is empty

init-db: image: mongo command: bash -c "/bin/bash /userconfig/" volumes: # CHANGE THE PATH HERE - ./data/mongo:/dbdata:rwdb: image: mongo command: bash -c "mongod --dbpath=/dbdata --bind_ip=db" stop_signal: SIGINT volumes: # CHANGE THE PATH HERE - ./data/mongo:/dbdata:rw

you can see in the above (under the services part of docker-compose) there are actually two Mongo services declared. i'd recommend change the ./data/mongo part to a location (on your host computer) that doesn't yet exist but is available. the . part just means "from this directory"

@symball in that image you gave me, am I supposed to write that in the docker-compose.yml file?

that image (excuse focus of text) was from your own (most recent) screenshot

showing the files in location where MongoDB is trying to initialise already exist

that's why JT is asking you to clear the paths. if using the code snippet above (which is straight from the Github unchanged) Docker will use a path from "this" directory two deep in to data/mongo you want to make sure these are deleted

I deleted the entire lines that /data & /mongo were in. Was that correct or was I just only supposed to delete /data & /mongo?

Docker will recreate the path for you if it doesn't exist, no worries

the above link, straight to the lines i am talking about. the ./data/mongo path. On your file-system, this should be empty, that's what you were deleting