Hi all. It seems this site is trying to scam nem users. Please be aware this site is nothing to do with nem and is near certainly a scam site. Any site that offers assured profit, stay away from it.

One user already seems to have been caught out by this so everyone stay clear of the above site if you come across it.

Can we get Niko onto them with a cease-and-desist? AT a minimum they need to declare no association with us.

Lewis Farrell
Can we get Niko onto them with a cease-and-desist? AT a minimum they need to declare no association with us.
Their Telegram channel/group: https://t.me/Nem_Investperhaps helpful or at least worth to include in the in the cease-and-desist.

It’s an announcement channel, so no conversation

Laura Takenaka |NEM.io Foundation
It’s an announcement channel, so no conversation

Yeah, using the NEM logo in unauthorized manner. Could be relevant for a legal letter to mention.

INFO: explorer.nemtool.com works now over https.Thanks to the developer.


http://explorer.nemtech.network Unstable (((

Very high load time.

The site itself is working fine for meTested / opened on a smartphone

Averkie Skila
http://explorer.nemtech.network Unstable (((

Data are fetched directly from node so maybe try another one. You can switch in footer.

And check if you have port 3000 open.

If you are behind firewallet/vpn it may be blocked.


I am running NEM Super node and is there any plan to migrate to new chain Catapult’s ?

Should we need to run Catapult’s public test network ?

Hi, can anyone send me test xem to this account please?TDYZ5APHK4FZYDVOLIFHLSIZORGUGBYTKH5OY5RL

This faucet is for NIS1 or Catapult?

There are faucet for NIS1?

Done, we have test xem (NIS1)

This one is catapult! Ok,.glhf

Hi, I am following the transfer example but I always get an error. Any idea?

Using nodejs with nem2sdk

Error code undefined

If I start a node api for testnet is it connected to the network? Or I must do something else

Now it’s working I changed the generation hash

I have a test node online

But I don’t see my node txs in nem explorer

Did you submit tx to your API harvesting node that is connected and synced to the network? Or just submit to one of the network endpoints?For support and guidance you should be hitting up the dev/community slack, #help or other related channel depending on topichttps://join.slack.com/t/nem2/shared_invite/enQtMzY4MDc2NTg0ODgyLWZmZWRiMjViYTVhZjEzOTA0MzUyMTA1NTA5OWQ0MWUzNTA4NjM5OTJhOGViOTBhNjkxYWVhMWRiZDRkOTE0YmU

My api node but I didn’t configure harvesting. Should I?

What did you spin up from? If from testnet tooling there is only API harvester and peer options

You don't configure anythi g, it does it all for you, your node won't harvest any blocks b/c not a high enough balance, but will still be set up that way

Trying to start the testnet node from here https://nemtech.github.io/guides/network/running-a-test-net-node.htmlI got peer_assembly_peer-node1 exited with code 132

quasarblue quasarblue
I have the same problem
I guess it's reported -> https://github.com/nemfoundation/catapult-testnet-bootstrap/issues/2
Влад Бондаренко
Yes. It my request.

But in this issue I don't see error 132 or I missing sth?

I tried digitalocean dropplet Ubuntu, Centos and Debian. All works.