Hi @evias, still trying to change mainnet to testnet in nem-php, i change in all project VERSION_1 to VERSION_1_TEST and VERSION_2 to VERSION_2_TEST and now NIS give FAILURE_SIGNATURE_NOT_VERIFIABLE

sometimes NIS give error FAILURE_PAST_DEADLINE

@evias I generate new address send there 10 xem, then try to send 1 xem back, answer is the sameFAILURE_SIGNATURE_NOT_VERIFIABLEsorry, man, not working😔maybe for main net it works goob but not for testing

Hello, I still have problems, now the message says "FAILURE_TIMESTAMP_TOO_FAR_IN_FUTURE", I read that it was because my time and the node were not the same, I found this link to verify the time, but the times are identical,Link:{"sendTimeStamp": 133978335619, "receiveTimeStamp": 133978335619}Code:var express = require('express');var nem = require("nem-sdk").default;var app = express();// Create random bytes from PRNGvar rBytes = nem.crypto.nacl.randomBytes(32);// Convert the random bytes to hexvar privateKey = nem.utils.convert.ua2hex(rBytes);// Create a key pairvar keyPair = nem.crypto.keyPair.create(privateKey);var publicKey = keyPair.publicKey.toString();// Create a common object holding keyvar common = nem.model.objects.create("common")(privateKey,privateKey);// Create an NIS endpoint objectvar endpoint = nem.model.objects.create("endpoint")('','7890');var address = nem.model.address.toAddress(publicKey,'/test', function (req, res) { // Create an un-prepared transfer transaction object var transferTransaction = nem.model.objects.create("transferTransaction")(address, 10, "Hello"); // Prepare the transfer transaction object var transactionEntity = nem.model.transactions.prepare("transferTransaction")(common, transferTransaction,; // Serialize transfer transaction and announce nem.model.transactions.send(common, transactionEntity, endpoint).then(function(res){ // If code >= 2, it's an error if (res.code >= 2) { console.error(res.message); res.send(res); } else { console.log("\nTransaction: " + res.message); res.send(res); } }, function(err) { console.error(err); res.send(err); });});app.listen(3337, function () { console.log('Example app listening on port 3337!');});

While sending transaction in nem, I am getting FAILURE_TIMESTAMP_TOO_FAR_IN_FUTURE, please help me

Hello, I'm testing transactions un TESTNET but I'm facing with this error FAILURE_TIMESTAMP_TOO_FAR_IN_FUTURE. I know I have to read network time bit I don't know how to do it with nem-library in typescript. Any help will be appreciatted. Thanks!

One more question, What causes a FAILURE_SIGNATURE_NOT_VERIFIABLE error?

I get the FAILURE_SIGNATURE_NOT_VERIFIABLE error on onverting an account to a multisig account, the question is What signature is not verifiable as I think it is the NIS that is supposed to sign the transaction