Kavya Babu
yes and status also looks like 'LOCKED'

It's harvesting status. Not important from point of sending tx ;)

using a remote node, it is not authorized to call this endpoint

you can separate the two transactions and confirm the registration first... this will probably involves you changing the UI to make the user wait his confirmation then be able to vote

Yes but I have a problem with that, I am currently assuming a perfect scenario in hardware and data communication, internet, light and everything works fine. But it can happen to me that when this moment of the two transactions you mention me is reduced at some point and they are fine, but when you execute the transaction, the identifier passes "something" and the IC of the person in the chain of blocks, but if vote, and you can vote again

1 xem = 1000000 micro xem, when you get the balance from a endpoint, it will ALWAYS return micro balances, so if you have only 1000 showing there, it actually means 0.001000 xem

you can find the transaction with endpoint /transaction/get?hash=...

Hello! Does this endpoint "" work?

PacNEM is cryptocurrency first, it allows you to play in 2 different modes. - Pay per Play: you pay 10 XEM with your own address and receive 18 pacnem:heart mosaics, as well as 2 special mosaics (pacnem:beta-player, and one other which i forget)- Sponsored Play: A registered sponsor pays the pacnem:heart for each game you play.Sponsored play has the disadvantage that your own address wont be listed in the high score, but the aponsor address will be..Sponsored play also introduces Pay per View advertising. In fact, when you select sponsored play, you will see an advertisement popup every time you reload the page. Whenever this advertisement is view three times, pacnem sends pacnem:daily-ad-view tokens to the aponsor address.Then, there is also pacnem:cheese. One cheese in pacman means 1 little point eaten during the game. Whenever someone reaches a top ten score, pacnem will send pacnem:cheese in this fashion:- if your score is 123, pacnem sends you 0.000123 pacnem:cheese- if your score is 56789, pacnem would send you 0.056789 pacnem:cheese.Additionally, if you reach the actual high score, you will receive a pacnem:all-time-best-player mosaic.One more thing. If you play in Pay per Play mode, after paying the 10 XEM, pacnem will send you a pacnem:auth-token mosaic with a message which is your login password (6 digits password - never do this on prod, dont forget that blockchain is transparent, if you know the address of some players, with the explorer you can easily read their auth code :)I think thats mostly it. A lot of mosaics are used in pacnem and also, pacnem does everything with multisig.In combination to the pacnem source code, there is a few "cosignatory bots" which automatically cosign transactions issued by pacnem. Following resources: The source code is commented a lot, this game was both a showcase for NEM as well as a educational purpose material for people which I trained :)One bug popped up... and I had no time up to now to fix it....The high score list can sadly not be READ anymore through the pacnem website... because there is too many transactions, and the website breaks when requesting them (because it doesnt pause and the NEM node simply blacklists because of too many requests...). So as of today, the only way to tell the pacnem high score, is to read the pacnem:cheese mosaic's transaction log (for example with the tool i built for DIM: )✌✌

yeah, at some point i just didnft have more time to spend on Pacnem because i started the php sdk :)

44uk has a private catapult chain with https endpoint

ok, so i couldn’t see this the other night. needed more sleep, i guess:rest-gateway_1 | 2019-01-28T17:59:23.530Z - verbose: connecting to api-node-0:7900rest-gateway_1 | 2019-01-28T17:59:23.533Z - verbose: received data with size 72rest-gateway_1 | 2019-01-28T17:59:23.552Z - verbose: writing response of length: 169api-node-0_1 | 2019-01-28 17:59:23.553626 0x00007f7cdb264700: (net::[email protected]) verify signature result: trueapi-node-0_1 | 2019-01-28 17:59:23.554022 0x00007f7cdb264700: (net::[email protected]) preparing challenge responseapi-node-0_1 | 2019-01-28 17:59:23.554552 0x00007f7cdb264700: (net::[email protected]) VerifyClient completed with Success (None)rest-gateway_1 | 2019-01-28T17:59:23.554Z - verbose: received data with size 8api-node-0_1 | 2019-01-28 17:59:23.555163 0x00007f7cdc266700: (net::[email protected]) accepted connection from '' as 510DA89C7BA21273895F52F1A5DCFB1E168F593F2DD78E72028CB50342EE04C8api-node-0_1 | 2019-01-28 17:59:23.555239 0x00007f7cdc266700: (extensions::[email protected]) accept result to local node port 7900: Acceptedrest-gateway_1 | 2019-01-28T17:59:23.604Z - verbose: received data with size 64rest-gateway_1 | 2019-01-28T17:59:23.617Z - verbose: client challenge verified? trueapi-node-0_1 | 2019-01-28 17:59:23.622184 0x00007f7cdca67700: (ionet::[email protected]) entity header size (120) exceeds remaining bytes (32)so this _is_ the rest endpoint receiving a packet. now to see if 510… is something useful.

it looks like you have opened these files in an editor at some point which has added some extra end-of-line characters where they shouldn't be

in your logs, it is showing that location exists already so, the space is not clearing (one reason or another) so, i'd actually try leaving the following lines in but, make sure the first location points to somewhere that is empty

Joint Statement by NEM Foundation and NEM LabsAfter careful consideration, NEM Foundation and NEM Labs would like to affirm the below statements:1. Proposals are both complementary in natureBoth parties jointly acknowledge that the proposals put forth to the community are complementary in nature. The proposals can be accomplished in such a way that it improves the outcomes that are being sought after - the development, launch and adoption of Catapult.2. Principles of co-operation collaboration Both parties will work as independent contributors to the ecosystem but in a unified approach. This means that if both proposals are approved, the main commitment is to contribute to the Project Management Committee (PMC). As an additional measure, there will be regular joint strategic meetings in working towards full alignment across both entities to prevent ineffective use of resources. In fact, the execution of each party’s proposal will lead to an enhancement of each other’s effort through the principles of cooperation and collaboration.3. Pursuit of CatapultBoth parties have their own scope, though we will be working towards the same objective - a promise to the community that our mission-critical priority is in the launch of Catapult. Both NEM Foundation and NEM Labs will work together to accomplish this as part of the same ecosystem.SummaryThe past days have shown that the NEM community demands purpose driven entities that can deliver results in a cost-effective way. Both NEM Foundation and NEM Labs have different scopes that complement each other. The reality is that the adoption of NEM is not the work of a single entity. Proven ecosystems all consist of multiple purpose driven entities that solve specific problems. We are convinced of a future where independent entities like NEM Foundation and NEM Labs solve specific problems for the NEM ecosystem in a unified approach.We appreciate that the community review the proposals and vote in an informed manner:Link to NEM Foundation proposal: to NEM Labs proposal:

VOTING INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE NEM FOUNDATION AND NEM LABS PROPOSALSYou can use the voting module in the NEM wallet v2.4.2 at or you can vote manually by following the instructions below. ———————————NEM Foundation VoteTo vote yes, send a 0 XEM transaction to the account:YES:NA4KOJYANPV5HLXRF3ITWDJC5V3LXJ6PJYDA3JMFTo vote no, send a 0 XEM transaction to the account:NO:NAKN2QZSFQBDJ45TTBH432ZLDDQHD5VV37GYQ5IN———————————NEM Labs VoteTo vote yes, send a 0 XEM transaction to the account:YES:NDJ7YRDB6SL5A6XC26RXYEDZG5NQ7D55ANWKPOKUTo vote no, send a 0 XEM transaction to the account:NO:NCM6UJOMOMBLC6YY7R3QQXVJGFRUDKISMW7EEPR4———————————The vote is POI based and runs until 20 February 2019, 6:00PM CST / 21 February 2019, 12:00AM UTC.NEM Foundation Proposal: Labs Proposal:

thats the API endpoint - before you can send a transaction you must serialize it, use the SDK for that

Historical-data allow you to query account state from any point of time. It's not related with transactions history.