Where can I find my address in nano wallet?


Anyone know if Policypal Network & NEM still have their Partnership?

@DyNEMite have a quick look at our Dm when you get a gap

Anyone know if Policypal Network & NEM still have their Partnership?

That reminds me that there was a list/overview of active projects to be released at around new year. But I think it was not communicated yet

Hello,If I understood correctly the conversion xem = xym has not yet taken place?

Do we know if wallets like exodus and other multi wallet types will be supporting the snapshot yet?

I guess not yet because new code base. But will come

Alexandra Tinsman | NEM.io
Probably worth sharing the Year In Review with that channel so they know it's old news. https://forum.nem.io/t/nem-foundation-2019-year-in-review/24213

Great! Well compiled and presented. No white noise, no fancy word or promises. Solid to the point and interesting. Thx for all the hard work Nembers, each and every one of you.

is it possible to ask core devs make AMA session once a month in telegram?

is there a official statment of the NEM foundation about the upcomming snapshot? if yes it would be nice if someone can give it to me. thank you

can someone tells me where i can read more about XYM?

everythink is in nem forum?

Pretty sure, it doesnt go anywhere else.. wait for an admin to reply


read the pinned message. it has a FAQ which should answer most questions 😊

Last year there was Amazon cloud aws 1year free plan. We can create guide for launching test nodes there

Start Your Free Trialhttps://aws.amazon.com/free/start-your-free-trial/
Moon kid
Start Your Free Trialhttps://aws.amazon.com/free/start-your-free-trial/

It's "free within certain usage limits" and when you will exceed limits you will be charged.

Moon kid
Start Your Free Trialhttps://aws.amazon.com/free/start-your-free-trial/

A couple years ago the gave trial for a month the usage on your choice, now it's not a variant.

tresto トレスト

👍 I feel truly sorry for the core devs because Jaguar has been venting his frustration for some time now. I still don't know who is the connector between the community and the rest of the Nem team. I assume it's @DyNEMite. I start to lose confidence in the Foundation because Alexandra thinks that she is putting out plenty of updates, but those updated are either not so relevant or incomplete and therefore unsatisfying for the investors as well and the developers who works so hard for the last few years

We need more node building, less trolling. Side note: Foundation has been moving comms over to Forums as central communication platform and Slack as central communication with dev team. More will be coming on this in the coming week.

Is it possible for simple users register slack account?