any communication with DIM?

@maximustrading heads up BD so this would be a question for him.

May I ask you personally, Mrs. President?

Averkie Skila
Tell me, who should I ask about this in 1-2 months? Wasn't it a specific person who made the previous map? Can I personally write to him in 2 months? What did the audit of NIS projects show1? Who is alive, who is dead...

This was marketing team and we onboarded Lewis a few months ago as CMO. So he’s revamped marketing team for the better, been working on Catapult marketing/planning efforts, and more. We will be sharing company goals and priorities in upcoming post soon.

Okay, can Lewis tell us how long it takes to get a new relevant project map? Is this 1 month? Is it 2 months? This is six months... I'd do it myself, but blockchain doesn't allow me to understand the status of some. They will answer only to the Foundation.

@lewisfarrell is best to answer this. He’s approachable and community friendly so I’m sure he’ll be happy to get something shared with community on this.

Lol..... have we any members left that aren’t annoying ,moaning , negative and obtuse...... my goodness we need new people fast. B1 ... wherethehellareya ?

Evi Fam
We're can we find this information?

Send me your member ID and I’m happy to make sure you are at the next EGM meeting.

Thank goodness catapult is on way

Hi!Currently the foundation's BD team is verifying the current status of all projects running on NIS. Which are active, which are not active, as well as knowing what they need as a collaboration from us for them in the next migration to Catapult.The result of this will be published soon as we are in the final phase of this.

any information that you require regarding the projects, I can answer you about that

Hi everyone. If I have let's say 100 servers, how can I run my own private network for my dApps?, is there something like geth for NEM?

we know many examples of dead mosaics

tomorrow will say that they are building separate blockchain

Averkie Skila
I see. but this does not make it possible to find out what their plans are for NIS1
Best thing is contact them. There are more projects that at my time in Nem in HK were using Nem (Aenco, Noiz) https://aencoin.comhttps://noizchain.com

that’s why I’m talking about revising the status of projects.

We are currently reviewing and revising the status of all the projects. We will have something for everyone in the next 2 weeks.

​​ICYMI: The Catapult Migration Update #6 is now up on the Forum! Take a look at what the Migration Committee's been up to recently and the progress made since the last update. More info here.

Who is responsible for that channel? #7 is on forum and we have yesterday news about #6

greg evias
/admin sleeping?

The bot didn’t pick this one up as it’s a photo. Thanks for the ping.

Is there a picture that displays different features and compare these with other blockchain? A honest one? - something that can be shared with others to show the competitive factor of catapult...


i guess he tapped on it^^ happens sometimes

So, is blockchain voting still a thing in 2019? Are we going to vote for the proposals?

Yes, there will be more information this week on voting.

Hi All.Q4 update is live on the forum. There will be more updates on the way over the next 5-10 days as well. 👍 https://forum.nem.io/t/nem-ventures-update-q4-2019/23997

Gameworks is a gaming platform in the Philippines that is using the NEM Blockchain.

God Tanu
NEM? catapult?

Hello, yes built on NIS1. They are interested as well in Catapult, once it is launched.