Fees earned from the last 25 harvested blocks 2 151.300235 XEM

This hopefully means people are moving crap off exchanges and to wallets.

Well people are transacting

LEt's see what the biggest block is...

a pretty far cry from the days of old

13 tx 812.000000 xem

NAHPYR2PHSZ5MGXKQSW3HFDMIXM36JBHDHCPXDQB  poloniex.com cold storage - - Exchange Wallet
  500,000,114.0  5.56%  3479.0 hours ago
5  NBZMQO7ZPBYNBDUR7F75MAKA2S3DHDCIFG775N3D  poloniex.com hot wallet - - Exchange Wallet
  410,686,699.198  4.56%  0.0 hours ago

Has there been an effort to get added by shapeshift?

i wrote them last year a few times but nothing ;>

haven't tried this year

might workout better this time ^^

Hi, there! We do have that on our coin list so if we decide to add, we will announce on social channels! Have a great day Emotikon slightsmile - March 24, 2016, Shapeshift

One problem is that many use exchanges as their wallets

i believe nano wallet will help with the issue

well, we need a decent NEM wallet :D

Is there anyone here who has control over the fourm?

nano wallet will be awesome ... the question when :>

The fourm's main page needs to be https://forum.nem.io/categories Rather than the hellhole that https://forum.nem.io/ is (latest posts)

i wonder if thats what zaif is waiting for

Man this is some major pumping of NEM. I think people should be careful at this point and not become over whelmed by the hype

Most other discourse fourms have category view as default aas well

people are people

XEM has suffered from little publicity in the past........its only fair

this is actually a correction.......upwards

sorry...last comment should have been in Nemberia

Also the categories are ordered wrong

then other stuff

well different people like different styles

No, that is essentially standard.

when we switched to discourse, i disliked it too. but i got used to it

Every other fourm on the internet has category view first.

Find a fourm that doesn't that people actually use.

yes, discourse is trying to reinvent it kind of...

No, it's not a discourse problem...

you can always just go to categories...