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How much is a testnet coin right now, where can I buy?

How much is a testnet coin right now, where can I buy?

They cost nothing. That's the point. Ask for some here or on the forum and someone should give you some.

So with the recent release of the Cow milestone - presumably we then need to get through Dragon, Emu and Falcon, before there’s any danger of a full public chain catapult roll-out?Feels like years rather than months away - Cow has been worked on for ages?

Danny K
Me either - time will tell.

Would nice to know how many milestones are needed until full catapult goes public.

For me it’s 100% sure that Catapult won’t launch in 2019

hi ) We've made mosaics to get rid of pontifier without paying 10XEM to scammer. Mosaic - help:get_ridof_pontifier - uses as levy 'pontifier' mosaic. If interested please check instruction here hooli.gqHope this will help someone 😃

greg evias
/admin weird link
it is weird 'cause made on free domain service. You could look at full link

guess thats why nobody acted :)

It just redirects (301) to the app/website hosted on heroku.It was made for own usage but decided that it could be usefull for others. But won't pay for domains. hostings etc

Hello all, what do you think, how possible is that NEM will shot very high from day to day? I asking because I am trading NEM on sculping modus and I has 30-50% coverage for price change, when NEM was tradet at 2000 level, 50% covarage was a jump to 3000 that was not so often and so easyfull happend, bot now is price around 1000 and 50% are only up to 1500 and this is not so difficult. I will try to understand, what is the best way to short the risk, stop trading and waiting?

seems elephant is winning so far, two days left

I dunno where all those voices came from, I thought eagle's gonna win :D

although I DO prefer elephant

Egret would be nice as well, although doesn't seem like it has many supporters

i hope we will not get to v ^^

I'll go for Kangaroo if I could, Boxing Kangaroo

unfortunately missed it or too far away :(

Jasmine Ng

Awesome, Good to hear 👏👏👏👏

Who did this, NEM LAbs?

Brian Joshua
Who did this, NEM LAbs?

It was done by the NEM Europe team, that is currently still contracted under NEM Foundation but is looking to form an independent entity “NEM Labs”:

Hey Guys, I've developed an skill for Amazon Alexa about NEM news from twitter in the flash briefing! Hope you like it!

Go go go Elephant!

But then it will be punned like ‘the elephant in the room’