Dave Hodgson:You can remove it without paying 10xem levy using my tool: First provide your adress and this faucet will send you another mosaic which has levy in pontifier mosaic. 2. Next send back to address in instruction received from faucet mosaic (please look screenshot in instuction). Of course you can leave this mosaic as is in your account.

Hello, is there an announcement channel ?

I want to ask if NEM provides app development service for blockchain apps

how is this guy still here. ????

Easy man my xem working on the xem network right now. What you mean with this message ?

And if NEM have that service too

To build the app

Ryan Fuse
And if NEM have that service too

No we don't internally, but I can introduce to to a NEMsp (certified service partner) who can build the entire project for you. I'll pm my email, and get some more details from you to see if I can help you 😊

I see NEM has an office in malaysia

If u would recommend malaysia or Asia based that would be nice

Ryan Fuse
If u would recommend malaysia or Asia based that would be nice

Hi Ryan... in Malaysia and South East Asia, please PM me and I can help here

I am part of the NF and we have partners on the ground and in the region that can assist if u like.

Does NEM still pay for video content (bounty)?

Hi. anyone using this app also? For me it's giving me a good signals as of now. you may try it Guys. Check it out!.

Does NEM still pay for video content (bounty)?

I recently created some but did not ask for the bounty. I think that there is currently no money available for such a thing.

you fill form for it?

no, last bounty i got was back in 2017 . jeff, nelz and jason were managing that. i never did any form.

Hi Team NEM. I guess building a developer community is important for this project. How are you growing your developer community? Any partnerships? Programs? etc. How are you also tracking growth?

No Way 🎩
I do think investing in a Unity SDK may be a collosal waste but in the bigger picture it probably won't matter

we offer developer relations as a service for projects to grow their developer ecosystem. i will reach out to the NEM team

like what is it exactly that you do if you don't mind my asking ?

hi NEM team. If you are looking for help on the italian market, happy to help.

happy to read about the funding news to see the project continue

Coinbase adds stellar. I stand by my previous statements. XEM needs to make a coinbase push sooner rather than later. Gives incredible legitimacy in the most powerful economy on the planet. But it won’t matter if we’re added when there are already 50 coins there

we need to start making pace with Nem!

Nem doesn't need coinbase. All you got in the best case scenario is a small pump. Nem is listed already on the most popular exchanges. Nem needs first develop catapult and then sell it. Btw Nem tried to be on Coinbase but they were greedy.

And yes. Coinbase would be great for NEM. It is a major player in the USA, the largest economy with largest concentration of tech and finance and banking jobs. It would be great exposure.

Right. Which is why 1.0 was never eligible and 2.0 isn’t currently. It was never an issue of money as trikar eluded to

Dorian Stinghe KoN
yes... no more exchange talk.

Wrong. See comments above why this would be huge exposure in the worlds biggest market

It’s not about an exchange listing. It’s about being known where we are unknown