at this stage a coinbase listing would be nice because alot of new crypto users chose coinbase. as they have not many coins listed it would be good marketing. but i dont think we should focus on it and at the moment it doesnt make sense anyway. catapult needs to be on public chain first

Yep. Need to release catapult. My point being. The longer we wait. The more coins that are listed on coinbase and thus a smaller effect on NEM getting awareness when it’s listed on coinbase along with 50 others

Hi Cate! dear community, fyi, Cate has been learning to code on NEM, a growing learner!

She is from Australia 🇦🇺 and I had a call and really like her enthusiasm!

Hi everyone, I'm Cate. It's great to be here in the community. Sorry for accidentally sending my picture. Wasn't meant to.

Hey Cate :) welcome to @nemred

It’s not about an exchange listing. It’s about being known where we are unknown

🙈🙉 if you think that this is the problem, and that exposure is the solution for NEM, you are wrong. i m done again with red. Goodbye

Crypto Artist @bitart018 last artwork is about KryptoFootball the sport game platform built on NEM and it is pretty cool

good coins are always making deals. xem coin also expect nice agreements

Is buidl on purpose like hodl?^^

On the original post when the drunk guy said “hodl” some guy like 10 replies later said “buidl” to make fun of him.

that post is part of blockchain history 😅

I never read that original post 😂 what a shame actually

I remember when that post came out. I wouldn’t have ever thought the ramblings of a drunk guy would produce such an epic word. Ahhhh. It was a guy who said “sodl” in a reply. But anyway, yeah “buidl” is a thing.

Yeah, just found the sodl^^

Nem labs funding has been rejected by the core team

Made sense then. Makes sense now

spizzerb (patrick)
ripple server is open source. centralized yep, but still opensource

Yeah, it was closed source for a long time, but they did finally open source it. It isn't like you can just boot up a node though and join their network though as far as I know. If I remember right they have a whitelist of nodes which they tightly control and almost all are run by Ripple, which means it is still very much centralized.

Is Nis1 open source ?

Crazy fruit
Is Nis1 open source ?

Hello, NIS (NEM node) code is not open source because agreement with Tech Bureau company.

Next version (Catapult) is open source. It will be hopefully in this year on public chain.

Crazy fruit
Thank you for answer !!!

No problem 👍 All official wallets and other libs are of course open source also for NIS1. Just node code isn't.

In NEM LAND every day is Valentines Day: 😍

Hello new on here

Is only Mark not in council anymore, or do we have more missing positions?

how to generate test address for NEM without using local node?