download nanowallet. then when signing up new account choose testnet instead of mainnet

What makes you say this?

let's wait for response, i have a feeling, but can be wrong

fud it would be if i tell you why i ask

But I am excited to see if we get a new affiliate novelist within the ranks. Would love a parallel universe to The Last Hacker

For all we know Tony is catfishing you to sabotage NF name again

No but no source does = fud

okay, well sry for fud, but i need a answer to that. lets not talk about this till somebody gives n official answer

anyone got a marketing contact for NEM?

Is only Mark not in council anymore, or do we have more missing positions?

Dorian Stinghe KoN

You never named your source bro, doesn't matter lol wait till Alex answers your "out of the blue" question/feeling

I really only wanted to know why you asked such a question

can we now move on Mr. Nathan? What i ask for is a Organization Diagram of NF, If it is possible.

No one to chat with ??

nem been conclude“ ICE Cryptocurrency Data Feed”

/admin please ban this scammer

Hi, why red?

Hi, why red?

It’s just the name given of this telegram channel. There are many NEM channels. Among others:* NEM::Red is for serious talks and discussion.* Nemberia (@nemberia) for off-topic, speculative talks and memes* NEM::Helpdesk (@nemhelpdesk) to ask for helpdesk support * Nemtraders (@nemtraders) is obviously the place to be for the traders

Anyone tried withdrawing xem from binance today yesterday? Problem?

It’s ok working now weird kept getting a message wallet updating

If anyone here isn't harvesting and wants to put their Xem to use, you should check out KF football game. It pays rewards every week, and it's kinda cool to collect the cards and different teams. I've received 30 Xem in rewards just by hodling a few cards, if anyone wants an invite code hit me up via PM.

I send my npxsxem to nem wallet. it was sent but why doesn't my npxsxem balance appear in the mobile wallet system?

someone answered my question.

so how about it if I want to send my mosaic back. ?

Use nanowallet or raccoon wallet

Connected with nem wallet or make new wallet?

Can i download version mobile?

Can i download version mobile?

Nem nanowallet isn’t mobile but raccoon wallet is.

Ok thank's @karrot

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Sang Lee

Hi Lee .. How r u & how is business