How are you guys doing

Apostile service :-Is it possible to achieve Apostile service for Multisig account via Nem-sdk?Can anyone provide me a Description link for that?I created Apostile service via nem sdk some how aftr creating the Multisig account that too via Nem-sdk..But how others co signatories will achieve digitally signature the document?

I am very new to NEM Blockchain. All these days worked on EOS Pls do share links if you have handy

Have you looked at the developer resources on There’s also a lot of great folks to connect with on NEM Projects.

Boom shakala!!! Bakkt is go

I would love to know why? is there any reason behind?

Dorian Stinghe **THE TYRANT**
I would love to know why? is there any reason behind?

i would say the growing interest in blockchain tech is also growing the interest of scamers to scam newbies 😅

yes but the new scheme looks like they start to act like "regular users" and only PM those who answer those "hellos" in PM 😆

everybody in this chats is old school so, they would know

i guess nobody who is around for some time still falls for such scams

Dorian Stinghe **THE TYRANT**
everybody in this chats is old school so, they would know

Since they are bots, it is more expensive to exclude some channel manually than to let it run.

What is nem “red”

What is nem “red”

channels were colored coded back in the day. This one named Red. - For more serious on topic discussion. Also have Nem Blue: @nemberia for offtopic

Ah ok thanks seemed super weird at first

Hiwhat's the best safe wallet for NEM ?

Hello,guys :) Have a nice day

​​Magnum is the first multi-currency wallet to support NEM (XEM) on Trezor hardware devicesYou are welcome to try it right now, click 👉here . Here’s also a step-by-step guide on how to manage Trezor wallet using Magnum. 🚀

Hi NEMbers, We are currently preparing for our launch and IEO. Our company will be the first real estate tokenization platform in the Philippines built on top of NEM which will allow foreign investors to be able to invest in properties in the Philippines either in fractions of its price or as a whole. We currently have several hundreds of properties available for sale. You may use your XEMs and other cryptos such as BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC to purchase. To top it all, we’re able to comply with regulations related to property investments. We ensure that the consumers of the digital properties will be protected. We would like to request for the support of the whole NEM community. You may look into our project details through this link: are also open to any feedback and criticisms that you may throw at us. Thank you and more to come for the NEM Community.

why nem goes to binance dex?

What does a partnership with Nem Philippines mean?

@cestates_Eli @DyNEMite ?

It's because our only contact here in the Philippines is NEM Philippines,