Bitcoin make people think they got the digital gold because of scarcity so they accept to pay miners fees. It is different when you bring a coin which is made really to be used as is to operate different kind of things.What do you think about it ? Could something like "coin hours" be implemented on NEM ? Sorry if i'm asking a stupid question...Thanks in advance.

wanna make a bet? look for an escrow. I’m in for NEM, tell me how much your able to bet.

This is not for Nem red. My point is that community dreams on moon and lambos thinking that catapult is going to "catapult" xem price. Core devs can do whatever they want because TB is paying them. There is no accountability to them. We don't know if those guys know what's going on outside Nem. What happens if catapult is not the best technology? Maybe core devs are not good enough. So far investors, consumers, enterprise and govs are not using Nem. Check the main industries and main blockchain projects last 6 months. All the attention is on bitcoin, lighting, eth fork and private chains.

hardfork would be an upgrade to an existing protocoll. like bitcoin cash for example

No Way 🎩
you either didn't read it or have no idea what you're talking about. It's in no way shape or form only bureaucratic stuff.

I read back to 2016 forums bitcointalk. many not happy with results and many original developer left since 2017. why not release catapult? why so many developer leave?

that post is part of blockchain history 😅

even dinosaur bitcoin have more tx/s

so bitcoin with 10 min blocktime still manage to have 7tx/sec

in fact bitcoin lightning is not much different from private chain transactions. without trace complete non transparent on mainchain what happend in lightning once a transaction settle. same for nem private chains if they chose make transaction accross public chain we know nothing about what happend in private chain and its no issue at all. public chain just take care in mainchain everything is correct so no harm can be done by private chains

a public private chain pair is far more secure and debugable then lightning. there is a reason why all ligtning nodes liquidity is just around 1000 bitcoins

something that bitcoin hard did try to remove

and noone can see them by simple check from A to B xy coins as imple but beautiful it is able on bitcoin or nem chain

I'm no fortune teller, but given that Bitcoin is starting to climb again and all other cryptos trend towards following it, I don't know how much lower it's going to get than where it's at. !!

also, please avoid anything with "coin". It looks like it is based on bitcoin

Bitcoin name was connected to "silk road" and "money laundering". But it is still the king of cryptos. Name is really so important ?

I nominate "BitcoinNem"

Hi, is there any information accessable to check NEM's initial distribution??
The original bitcointalk thread still contains everything... And you have the final stakeholders spreadsheet

Yeah that's right. I suppose just the blockchain record itself would have to satisfy an authority. But so far a lot of banks have chilled out about Bitcoin stuff.

XEM price is currently totally set according to bitcoin price, today you wan't to rent a domain space on NEM and create MOSAICS, you pay a certain amount of money, tomorrow if price surge, and will pay much more to do it. So is the contrary, how to explain to a company that the XEM they bought 3 or 4 months ago worth less today than before. Business need stability, right ?

just a reminder this is a chat for nem you can take this to @bitcoinchat and see what they say