let me rephrase the question. if someone wants to add NEM to their mobile wallet, what is the mechanism used to communicate with the nem chain that doesn't involve them running a full node? In the case of Bitcoin and most other coins it's SPV

even then it's not like bitcoin mining. it'll never be a dependable business

Interestingly, more projects are looking at recycling bitcoin's hashrate.

Nem answers the problem of Proof of work and the proof of stake with its proof of importance. Plus, Nem is capable of doing what Bitcoin and ethereum can

To change the world

I think that sell your product. Bitcoin has already changed the world

it's the same principle as the bitcoin hard forks that have taken place. everyone but the attacker will agree

but i don't think it automatically requires a hard fork. verge and bitcoin gold did it after these attacks to try and prevent further ones

I think this year we're going to see a lot of exchanges having their arses bitten as 51% fun increases and other coins dwindle to nothing.

Low hashrate blockchains are already flocking to bitcoin op_return notarizations to protect against a 51% attack and double spends

Veriblock and Komodo being 2 of the projects offering recycled bitcoin hashrate protection. As I understand it, Veriblock accounts for 20% of the btc transactions which to me sounds inefficient. However, Komodo's solution already protects 60 smaller chains and it uses only a fraction of the btc transactions that VBK does.

bitcoins wp was 8 or so...

Now they’re saying it’s DASH
No crypto project has achieved anything in the real world yet.

That is not true at all. Bitcoin has done quite a bit. And there are many projects that are ready to be used.

I bet they have heard of Bitcoin.

Imagine a bitcoin wallet but instead of btc it says xem

Briefly about the cartoon:What do you get when you cross “The Wolf of Wall Street” with cryptocurrency traders, “Breaking Bad” with bitcoins, weird humorous animals with predatory currency investors who look at the world of finance like one big RPG? Hamsters Vs. Bulls, a series that shines a light on the Dark Web, greed and virtual currency investing, while asking the question: “If a bitcoin is saved in a binary forest, will it gather interest?”More information in PDF presentation and description

You can go to Bitcointalk ann page for NEM and read about the history of the early days.

Bitcoin will be fine. If NEM can focus on dev and trim fat, all will resume.

Rip as Bitcoin? How many times you guys killed Nem. This remind me 10 years ago when a lot of people said that Twitter was dead or 20 years ago that internet and email has no future. Nem Blockchain technology is not going to dead. Foundation (that is different from the Nem technology itself) is in a process of changes. Elections were an anticipation of this. New people were elected for make changes and now we are start to glimpse those changes.

Im buying..

Also keep accumulate more in de next comming months. NEM is her to stay. Every team has problems like this bitcoin is dragging everything down. Just be patient

It is so funny to read somehow... So many coins recently where the team quit, and "another" team takes over and asks for donations.And if no donations they push that they cannot work and so on. Reminds me on... Bitcoin. It was bitcoin then all copied and had new great ideas. Then icos came. And now it's like "we are bankrupt and need money otherwise your investment is gone"

And it's only the foundation. Bitcoin has no funds whatsoever

Just watched the video. So basically all money what were funded in the past was spent for marketing, which was a lot since price rose. You didn't release something new and now it's the community again that should fund now? How does it come that bitcoin doesn't need these fundings or monero? On the other hand... You spent millions in the past for marketing and still... Where are the partners? Where are companies that support or fund? So I wonder, even with catapult maybe there is no demand for it. Did you ever made a market analysis if it is needed and by whom? If yes contribute a analysis please maybe I am willing then to fund

in my opinion clones like bitcoin cash or BSV or ETC or proximaX all should fail on the long run. original blockchains should include itself things that make sense and leave no room for the clone

clone a clone is absurd....

look at it like bitcoin did with segwit. first it was activated and tested on litecoin and then it got adopted to bitcoin

Bitcoin cash trading companyHave anyone heard about that?

where I can find the allocation information of XEM during ICO?

I don’t think it is summarized... you will have to go through the early history on Bitcointalk.

Let's discuss some examples. Donation or tips. NEM JApan made the NEM TIP feature, however Twitter CEO and many people think that for tips and donations Bitcoin with Lighting is the best option. I heard that Lighting is going to be implemented in Twich (you can tip streamers allready but not using blockchain)

As far as I know as well, Coindesk tends to be quite bitcoin maximalist so that contributes to the lens in which they view things

As far as I know as well, Coindesk tends to be quite bitcoin maximalist so that contributes to the lens in which they view things

I thought their readers are "PoW Fundamentalist" but it means almost same as your "bitcoin maximalist".In Japan, blockchain's technological adoption proceeds so NEM JAPAN can reach out to IT technology / business journals and also mainstream newspapers TVs.