just set display milliBtc and u can handle bitcoin at 1million $

so in fact not talk about 1 bitcoin talk about 100000000 satoshi

When nem move their project top of Bitcoin SV?

Isn’t it odd that these regulations are coming down...just as Facebook is releasing their Libra coin next week? 🤔

I think this will benefit crypto in long term... people are getting into crypto in different ways, sooner or later they find out more about it, what is decentralization, what is good and what is bad... they will sell their libra coins for bitcoin and nem :)

Nice contact Alex that she can give you her bitcoin address then you can transfer her the bitcoins :)

Natta : Renegade
and we can earn XEM via Harvesting so maybe they just check this and think it's better to stop XEM Trading to avoid any problem with USA

would be stupid decision if that is the case. i can also mine bitcoin. instead of coins i need hardware but the process is the same

Fully decentralized... That is a philosophical question. But NEM catapult will have roughly same decentralization as current NEM

philosophical question?!😃 ok, then comparing to Bitcoin!hmm, as far as I know, NEM is not open source atm, becasue the code of the nodes are not open source! So with Catapult it will be more decentralized than it is now!

But the number of harvesters (miners) will stay the same, so it will be as decentralized as before. Code is centralized at the moment, but blockchain itself is not

hmm, I would say that a blockchain without open source is not decentralized!How can it be decentralized when nobody knows the code?But as I said with Catapult NEM hopefully will be as decentralized as Bitcoin is.

Difference between NEM and BTC is that in BTC majority of mining power is held by a handful of companies. NEM is harvested by 500 supernodes + 300 full nodes that are mostly held by common folk, hence decentralized

If this is all true and NEM public Catapult is not using a private chain and will be open source completely, we should advertise this much more!Because this means that NEM will be more decentralized than Bitcoin is!The question in the near fute will be how much a curreny is decentralized, because Libra will not be the last centraliezed coin from big companies and centralized Altcoins will have no chance in this market!

Leon Redinger
nothing is

yes, I know! but we compare it to bitcoin which is the most decentralized coin now!

Dude, they can change everything before somebody has even a clue!!!Really don't understand your opinion...

Catapult is open source, so anyone can check code changes. As ecosystem grows, centralization can decrease. More contributors, more nodes, more harvesters, etc. The goal isn't to simply make the most decentralized thing possible without a framework to support it. Even bitcoin is in early stages.

spizzerb (patrick)
and with closed source this is really an issue

The problem is that for facebook users this is NOT an issue. As much as it is not for the majority. Thats how our society works. Tons of sheeps, some wolfs and few pigs. Ok very sketchy. Companies like Facebook have it more or less easy to attack the open crypto market with the legit argument that too many shady players were active in the past scamming investors by false promises and disappeared with the money. Also valid coins like nem could suffer under this. I still hope that Facebook will fail due to their past failures in matter of data protection.Beside this FB has the money and smart heads for marketing. If people follow some channels like telegram or bitcointalk even the average joe can notice the mind gap of some shills and fudders. It often doesn't appear trustworthy at all. Also an attack vector for companies like Facebook.

NEM forums is concentrated to NEM community but some of the convos in Red are interesting and could be great content for Reddit, Bitcointalk, other sites.

most newbies go to bitcointalk or reddit first

Bader (crackTheCode) Youssef
The NEM Forum & Reddit are the best places for serious dissussion imo. Easier not to spam, indexed by Google, and can easily back track.

I think its important to post all news announcements and updates on the official bitcointalk thread though. Remember also that CMC also links the bitcointalk thread for each crypto on there.

please dont talk about 400 nodes as not decentralized20 miningpools like bitcoin or 21 nodes like EOS or 11 like NEOthat is less decentralizedNEM with 400 supernodes + on top more below supernode size nodesis very decentralized network

Hello, everyone, will Bitcoin rise to 20K now?

Gram Noden
Your blockchain wisdom is inspiring. To what do we owe your presence here in this inferior domain of “not-btc?”

Bitcoin is wasteful, doesn’t have aggregate transactions, it’s slow, no cross chain swaps, expensive, no sdk’s for making colored tokens etc.Plenty of reasons to chose nem.

I want to know what type of Crypto it is

Truly recommend a free course on EDX , about blockchain and Bitcoin . That’s what to start with . It all started with bitcoin 🙏

You know Nem is about to take over when mainstream media calls it dead. Look at how often Bitcoin was prnounced dead.


the article is based on no research and it really doesnt sound good for NEM if you believe what you read there 😅 BUT personally i think its not worth the time to deal with such "journalism". how many times have you read bitcoin is dead?^^ as NEM gets more popular more articles/blogs with rather negative content about NEM will show upso instead of try to "fight" against them, we as a community should make sure to educate others about what NEM really is

There are articles from early 2000s about how Amazon will go bust. And there are countless articles about how bitcoin is dead. Anybody that's done even entry level research will see that NEM is outpacing majority of other projects in the development and adoption.

if this is true ... Nem should be the right place for Vitalik .

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Bitcoin Suddenly Back Above $10,000 As Crypto Markets Gain Billions

The bitcoin price is up 10% over the last three days, with traders and investors pointing to the U.S. Federal Reserve’s first rate cut in bitcoin’s ten-year history as one of the prime catalysts for the sudden recovery

The bitcoin price climbed to highs of $10,500 on the Luxembourg-based Bitstamp exchange last night, while the wider bitcoin and cryptocurrency market has added around $10 billion to its overall value over the last few days.

Bitcoin inflation rate is 3.8% until next halvening. Would you say that there's no inflation because there is a maximum amount that will ever be in circulation?

I heard that they are seeking support from BitcoinCZ BCZ?

I think you all should take a step back it’s easy to get upset in market conditions like this. But Nem foundation is working harder than ever moving mountains for you guys the community. There is no reason to be so pessimistic The Foundation has held to every promise and Catapult was never delayed this time we have a time frame when catapult will be released! Right know it’s Bitcoins time to shine but what most of you don’t understand as soon as btc is fully saturated, serious altcoin projects will flourish and rise like never before. If you think last altseason was hell of a ride you better Buckel up because this time it’s going to get even wilder and Nem is going to be on the forefront!

Long Vuong made the original post on BitcoinTalk to start the NEM project. So yes, he can say he started it. That being said, he left even long before NEM was even launched. The initial pre-launch phase of NEM lasted 15 months, and somebody would need to go back to the forum and read when he left, but I guess it was after 7-8 months. Lon Wong was not a part of the original team. He only joined the team sometime around the time Long Voung left. I can't remember if it was just before or just after, but around that same time. Lon Wong has gone on to start the Foundation and become its first President. Lon Wong has been with NEM for 3.5 years, and Long Voung just some months early on. We can say that Lon Wong has done way way way more for NEM.

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