NEM blockchain would be great in Jamaica.

Francesco Infugadallegitto
Hi, I Have a static site web, not wordpress, drupal, prestashop etc.I want sell any products with xem payments.There is a guide for add an SHOPPING CART on a STATIC WEBSITE with Xem-plugin?Thanks

you need to have a use a scheduled system and a database for that, so you can track payments. payments on blockchain are not accepted instantly and you gotta have something like a scheduler to check weather the payment is done or not and change it in database automatically.actually you'll have a pending and successful payment. on nem it is usually quite fast and under a minute. anyway just with a static website it is not possible because at least you need to know which user paid for what

Hi, I read on site on Make your own PayPalNEM makes it easy to create your own versions of payment apps. One example of such an app is NEMPay. NEMPay is an open source payment app that allows anyone to use the blockchain for peer to peer payments. You can even copy it, name your custom crypto tokens, add your logo, and you’ll have your own branded payment app similar to PayPal.THERE IS A GUIDE PDF OR YOUTUBE FOR OBTAIN THIS?

Tomorrow I will be heading to Paris for the OECD conference on Blockchain with some of the other members of Blockchain 4 Europe.

Every time you register your photo to the blockchain, its a 5 XEM fee

​​Proof-of-Stake+ (PoS+) is the new consensus algorithm of Catapult, the next NEM blockchain core. Learn what NEM Foundation Co-Founder and Council Member Jeff McDonald has to say about PoS+. Full article 👉 here

Also I think it's very important for such airdrop to be FULLY anonymous. This is a blockchain. If user has coins on a first blockchain he can get coins on a second one. That's all.

blockchain can live well without KYC, it's resilience is made due to it's algo. The main idea of blockchain is that you don't need to trust anyone.

exchange already do this function. but the main idea of ANY blockchain is that you don't need to trust anyone. So KYC is something absolutely alien to blockchain

SO KYC and Blockchain can never be connected?

directly no, blockchain doesn't need this

But thats not my question ... Are you saying Blockchain and KYC can never be connected?

I don't want to make a difficult decision and move only to one blockchain. I want to have 2 at once.

Lewis Farrell
But thats not my question ... Are you saying Blockchain and KYC can never be connected?

They can but the advice we have received is that it is basically impossible in a practical sense to guarantee kyc retrospectively. STOs are a good example of them being combined though before you can hold an account.When you onboard a new account to a brand new ico/ieo its relatively easy within reason. When u already have accounts (i.e. nis1) u have no way to know if the person performing kyc is the account holder or a paid sock puppet account by a nefarious actor (i.e. if u ran organised crime you might pay or threaren people to submit, or buy identities). Main reason for KYC offline to for AML (money laundering) but you cant guarantee it so limited value doing it for the effort involved.It also goes against a lot of peoples blockchain philosophies so risk people and value leaving the chain

I like the idea, a stablecoin on xem blockchain. But I'm afraid nothing is possible untill Catapult is released and started.

Alexandra Tinsman |
We have good relationship with Binance and have for a long time. 😀

They themselves moved out of ether/ERC to create their own blockchain which can support businesses scale. they can,for sure, appreciate the Quality of the Nem platform and they should maybe support more Nem based projects (I saw that they are publicly supporting TRON and some other blockchains) ... maybe NEM too 😏

KSFootball the collectible card game based on NEM blockchain is officialy launching a card tokens marketplace inside the game platform. KSports Lab used the advanced tech of NEM blockchain to create "Divisible NFT" ... in short players can buy tokens of cards (which are unique mosaics) to become a card shareholders and sharing cards rewards....

In the end, the blockchain remembers everything 😉

i understand the easy path regarding old services was keep nis alive. but all longterm blockchainers know nis is dead horse walking. try save what u can alex save cointicker save exchange listings make sure most exchanges convert to catapult chain and give a withdraw only option for nis coins

How is this going to effect the investors...

It will be hard to say because whales will now have a free hand to manipulate the situation any way they want. Won't reflect well on the project that is for sure which may give people pause about buying the new token. Apparently the Committee can do whatever it wants whenever it wants so that isn't so cool from a blockchain perspective. all! Jeff is nominated as the leader of blockchain industry for a DPA 2019 award! Please nominate other nem team members too!

it can take longer if the concepts total alien to them and they have no broad blockchain technology knowledge in team and only know well the own codebase. hire fresh people experts in that area and get them understand NEM and adapt to it could add another 2-3 months

i dont belive thats the case. cross blockchain should be a topic since the day they anounced that the longterm plan is moving assets between MIJIN and NEM chains