​ICYMI: Minna Denryoku, a Japanese green energy 🌿 company is reducing its carbon footprint with the help of the NEM Blockchain. Please visit their website here 👉 Minna-denryoku, Inc. An interview with the CEO can be found here (in Japanese 🇯🇵):Bringing a new trend to the conservative industry with 'new electricity free trade by electricity'
"Here in the Philippines, NEM Foundation representatives are actively promoting the NEM Blockchain technology through the Blockchain Education program and workshop."

Hello! I recieve mosaica with wallet: wallet-tokens.najagrsqqp75vjjdu7cdshmasmm33a2r2w6duhh7:tokensIn blockchaine nem explorer, i see that transactions out sent. On my wallet i yet not signing

Chris Neal
Anyone know if exodus wallet harvests your balance for you?

harvesting is a feature of the blockchain and vesting happens automatically. doesnt matter which wallet you use

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on the blockchain?

Hello, please remind me how to see the number of transaction confirmations in the xem blockchain

Alexandra Tinsman |
Ok. Working on troubleshooting now — thanks.

Dear Alexandra Tinsman!For your information that now in Ukraine the new President really interesting in digitalization & blockchain to implement in Ukraine, he announced this officially on Iforume a few days ago and he looks for Dev. to realize that. Maybe this is a chance for NEM? What do you sink about it , Please do you can to comment this?!