Better news from Spain. Tutellus (nem Partner) is running a Blockchain master course in Madrid. The studends has to create a demo/proyect. Well, the projects will be elected through the Nem voting system to add trust and transparency to the process
Hi Alex! empowering our ecosystem, another step » Rgds!

This is Sarawut - Blockchain Developer and I am looking for a new job right now. Nem appeals me so much so I reached out to this channel. I'll be happy if anyone of the dev team dm me and let me know if the team is open to new devs right now.

I want to ask if NEM provides app development service for blockchain apps

that post is part of blockchain history 😅

Nembit86*NEM built on POI*
i think you are about one year late with your news..... the stolen Xem was sold ages ago through various exchanges

oh okay. sorry. i was just reading a news about the coincheck hacking and got curious and checked its blockchain. my apologies. i'm new to NEM.

there is no traditional blockchain with even a single tx per second

wasted time discuss with useems zero understanding of the economic need to provide high throughput to be able attract projects that plan to "use" a blockchain. nem should not be a chain that works great if u dont use it that cant be the goal

the main innovation of blockchains was decentralization and now everyone is pushing for private chains, it's so asinine

how do I even know it's a blockchain at all ?

so some stablecoins deposit into a non blockchain island and business usecases there give nem technology no edge

only when we provide business easy to use tools for their side too aka private chains with easy to dock on libaries we have an edge against competition blockchains

Hello a Blockchain developer conference is looking for speakers and sponsors. Please let me know if you would like to present your product. Thank you

Are you developing an ico/sto project ? (PM ME NOW)Do you need :1. A Website? 2. Smart Contract Programming?3. Token Creation ?4. Listing on ico rating websites? (Not exchanges. I DO NOT WORK FOR ANY EXCHANGE NOR OFFER ANY EXCHANGE LISTING).5. Active telegram members?6. A fully functional wallet application (IOS/APK)WhitePaper TranslationI can create any type of crypto, from x11 to scrypt or quark, ETH and STO.Things to know before messaging me:1. I program 18hours a day. You can contact me at any time on here, I usually reply very fast.2. I don't make coins with the pretext : "when i sell a masternode i will pay you". At the first instance I get a feeling that you are trying to scam with my work, I'm definitely blocking you.3. My service does not encourage scam projects. I want to see new people adding their ideas through the blockchain technologies.About This GigCreation of A cryptocurrency Ethereum Token for Your Fundraising, ICO, or Coin. The ICO is inbuilt in the contract and all Ethereum collected will be sent to an address you provide. For the  Standard and premium service this includes an ICO landing page.(Based on our design). A php wallet for Ethereum and for your token to facilitate the sales process. The website files provided are generic and NOT unique and have a licence for use in ONLY 1 IP address. You are free to customize them as you wish. The code is not encrypted.1. Etheruem standard ERC20 contract.2. Coin of Your Own3. Webwallet. 4. Payment Gateway for your Token and any other ERC20 token 5. ERC20 Tokens  Listing Script plus Token Market information 6. ERC20 ICOs  Listing Script plus ICO information 7. Charge users  to list their tokens alongside yours  

Here in France we work with McD for their marketing and never ever they would allow such partner ship pics. NEVER

McD in switzerland also has some restaurants which partnered with a swiss loyality programm (poinz, not blockchain based). of course it doesnt mean you can use poinz globally^^ so it looks like its possible to get such deals in different countries
Hi everybody! Now you can watch a little teaser videos based on Luxtag's blog posts! Here's our newest Youtube video based on an article titled 'How Can Blockchain Make Education More Accessible?'. Watch the video here:

Thanks to Tutellus for the kind invitation and being open to have us involved. This is exactly the kind of event we are keen to see more of, these students are part of what helps drive NEM and Blockchain forwards. We are very much the support organisation, this is a Tutellus event and we encourage all Nembers to check them out further if you dont know them.We are actively speaking to incubation programmes to explore further opportunites and I hope this will be the first of many similar partnerships over the next 12-18 months. If you know one personally, please put us in touch with them, always happy to chat.It makes sense for Nem Ventures commercially and the ecosystem in general.

Hihi! Will like to share this Airdrop with you! The company behind it is Mars Blockchain Group. They have allocated $500k USD for this Airdrop. Can join the group chat to find out more details. You will be one of the first to join 🥰'm more active in that group, speak there!

"NEM’s Proof of Importance is also interesting because it’s designed to be energy efficient and doesn’t require specialist hardware"

A Blockchain book in the Philippines. Spot NEM Logo at the cover. :)

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im just begginer😅 mb tryinstall on locale. blockchain is downloading all? what last block?