a idea a vision a decentral blockchain that are things that cant be stoped once they started

Some blockchains I gotta take one asset at a time lol Stellar was incredible. Nem is the only other one that's probably even more in depth. Y'all are close in presentation

All I know is I've been studying every blockchain and asset I've come across that has notoriety and length of survival

And I honestly don't think it seems too far fetched to simply do exactly what Samsung did with Blockchain Keystore

Web3? Only limit the usage to the blockchain and node or I really don't know much about this

Lot of coin build similar to nem ryt..what's so different abt this coin?

NEM project started in 2014 and launched in 2015. unlike many others NEM has a blockchain which runs since 5 years and never had any major bugs.

Is NEM blockchain center in Malaysia alive?

Does anyone know how the nem and unibright strategic partnership is going. Is unibright still assisting with enterprise blockchain adoption of nem?

Does anyone know how the nem and unibright strategic partnership is going. Is unibright still assisting with enterprise blockchain adoption of nem?

They are familiar with Symbol codebase, and I'm sure once Symbol main net launches, they will make use of it. They are dl agnostic, though, and are not focusing on any particular blockchain.

"SYMBOL is a new blockchain network with new token form the NEM Foundation.""SYMBOL from NEM is new blockchain network owned by NEM Holding."🤔🤔🤔
what do you think is the job of the foundation? what was worth 8mill usd?

Plus: With 8 Million USD you can hire easily more than 100 senior developers which could already release a super sophisticated blockchain model. But instead we have a foundation which produces no visible results and burn cash like no end.

crazy how trolling can take over the blockchain world with just a few hours. in the mean time, and behind the curtains, people are working.

Averkie Skila
Why should we do the same thing as you? I'm not impressed with your faith. And I've been a holder for three years.

maybe i have more insights and know alot of people which are working hard on the project. as long as they are motivated to work we dont really have a problem. it doesnt help when we start to guess that they misuse funds based on assumptions just because task X or task Y isnt completed in a given timeframe. there are so many variables to a project like NEM and many of them are not even in control of NF. i work in IT for 15 years and i see missed deadlines or unfinished products all the time. you can release an unfished product and patch it later when you make a legacy programm or a videogame but you cant when you are making a blockchain. it has to work from day 1 because otherwise trust is lost. so personally instead of critizing and making their lifes harder as they have to be i let them work.

i respect it if someone says thats not the decentralized system he/she was looking for but as i said, its the case since beginning and it was a successfull way to bring NEM blockchain to the table