I may be able to help with that. Having done some work in Jamaica with both the previous and current finance minister I'll do some digging

You mean previous finance minister ..😉 You can sign MOU with them to add security and education about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to individual and companies.

Just got an email from my bank for one of my european bank account that the bank will close my account if I receive any cryptocurrency payment in the future. 😕

The only transaction involving that account that I can think of is to withdraw FIAT from a cryptocurrency exchange. Boo.

"TL;DR; – Banks and other financial institutions risk losing their license or paying huge fines if they allow transactions with cryptocurrency exchanges. There are also other reasons why it’s unhealthy for banks to deal with these type of transactions."

It is Japan’s second most popular cryptocurrency project. It is designed specifically for business enterprises and may be the first point of entry when business begins to adopt blockchain en-masse. Private blockchains are made possible through the Mijin adaption will potentially be highly sought after. Its harvesting system and proof of importance algorithm are unique only to NEM. It already has many established business partnerships.

Interesting Technology: NEM Smart Assets are called ‘mosaics’ and resemble digital assets like bonds and securities as a cryptocurrency or crowdfunding tokens. Delegated Harvesting is NEM’s alternative to mining, where account holders who have staked 10,000 XEM can attach their account to a node to build blocks on the blockchain

On July the 8th the most famous faces from the realms of investment and blockchain gathered together at the five-star hotel St. Regis, Al Habtoor Polo Resort in Dubai to celebrate the launch of the Bistox Exchange – the most advanced and safe cryptocurrency exchange in the world. The Bistox team has announced that Bistox is the main financial and technological breakthrough of 2018. The founder and director of the Bistox Exchange Arutyun Nazaryan was honored to solemnly open the event, while the presentation was given by the former head of the Analysis unit at JPMorgan Chase David Ko. The project is not a mere cryptocurrency exchange, but a complex scalable platform with the deep-learning technology incorporated and partial decentralization on the basis of the NEM blockchain. The company is planning to start fundraising in the beginning of autumn. No doubt that Dubai is becoming a world capital of the blockchain technologies, and the Bistox launch is a new evidence that the city is ready for welcoming new, innovative and groundbreaking technologies in the blockchain niche. #Bistox Exchange is powered by #NEM @AraMorningstar

Tech Bureau, Corp. has made the decision to spin off its software development and software sales business, which means that its Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency exchange, Zaif, is separated from the software businesses..

NEM ( and Portal Network ( have recently announced a strategic partnership agreement to build the NEM Name Service (NNS), the decentralized domain name service on top of the NEM blockchain. The NNS will be governed by the NEM blockchain and eliminates the need to copy or type long cryptocurrency addresses. With

Bistox ( is an advanced semi-decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that incorporates the NEM blockchain technology ( It is designed for traders with varying levels of knowledge. Bistox features decentralization technology, dividing the resources into parts and operates them in different physical and cloud locations all over the world. Bistox's ( token, BSX, will be

The cryptocurrency portfolio app Delta (a contender of Blockfolio) has just launched Delta Direct: a feature that allows assets team to connect to investors directly via its app. I hope the NEM team will make use of this feature, just like the Blockfolio bews feed app! 😊👍

#Kaiserex, a premium cryptocurrency exchange and OTC desk, added #NEM
If you like football, collectible games, a little bit of betting and cryptocurrency (especially NEM), you should check my new video about beta project Kryptofootball that is taking speed day by day. Enjoy!

Lon said it right, cryptocurrency is like religion and I feel there are a lot of false prophets in NEM, great to have the elections

hi Guys, I am happy to see Nem gain 22% today 😙:
Are you Nelsons alt? I dunno I see that cow with all that bling, it's his style isn't it?

Lol owning cryptocurrency is the modern day equivalent to aspiring to own a lambo, you cant be here and act like you don't want to make your life more grand

He's either in this channel already or has someone scouting for him. I assume this was in response to me posting a SS of him fudding on /r/cryptocurrency by having other people relay his messages since he's already banned.

Monex announced that they have resumed all cryptocurrency trading as of today

i believe cryptocurrency will revive from these bad days and bull markets will arrive

XEM Official News From BitUniverse Link NEM at 2018 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit Baguio: via @YouTube via:
moon kid
He leaved council, I don't understand why

In addition to that, he also put his tutoring company on sale. He’s planned on doing something else than coding. Currently writing a visual novel about cryptocurrency.

Advertising Integration into #1 animated series in the cryptocurrency world

Briefly about the cartoon:What do you get when you cross “The Wolf of Wall Street” with cryptocurrency traders, “Breaking Bad” with bitcoins, weird humorous animals with predatory currency investors who look at the world of finance like one big RPG? Hamsters Vs. Bulls, a series that shines a light on the Dark Web, greed and virtual currency investing, while asking the question: “If a bitcoin is saved in a binary forest, will it gather interest?”More information in PDF presentation and description

Thoughts? I don’t think NEM is involved in this are they?

hello, do you understand cryptocurrency?can you help me ?

RealityThe XEM exchange rate has suffered catastrophic drops from this time a year ago, just as many other ambitious cryptocurrency projects have suffered, now the NEM Foundation is facing challenging budget decisions. We are in a tough spot like many others in this space. It is our duty to act quickly to ensure the longevity of the NEM ecosystem and development.

Dorian Stinghe
what is nems target audience

I would have to say cryptocurrency users, developers, and institutions.

Lots of FUD fun here -

"For reference, Hard Fork reported on a small-time cryptocurrency exchange running advertisements on Dutch busses. At the time, buying a small ad spot cost them $285 per week.If we use January’s $0.04 token price as a rough guide for calculating the NEM Foundation marketing budget, it could have placed advertisements on 800 busses each week. That’s without a potential discount for plastering so many goddamn busses."Hahahaha.. what a funny news writer. But he made a good point, there.

and it is fine for me, since i also do it to learn something. but i would never work on a cryptocurrency like that. help some other guys develop something for them for free

and the argument "well, not everyone is like you" does not count. we are in the cryptocurrency space and new coins shoot out of the ground on a daily basis, one topping the other. it's not appealing at all to work on the NEM core at the moment. i would only do that for hard cash. because if you want to learn and get something leading edge, you go to the version3 coins, not v2 coins like nem is

Guy can you please post one piece of good news this morning on your Twitter page? The community needs it, each time I try to talk to someone in cryptocurrency about Nem they say “aren’t they going bankrupt and only keep 6 employees” we need you all to speak for us please