I mean just enter my key and password and got into the dashboard

i cant find anything about nem, even not in this part: „You can buy cryptocurrencies like NEO, Cardano, Tron, Verge, Monero, Stellar Lumens, EOS, Ripple, Dash, and USD-Tether“ pls add NEM too, otherwise it makes no sense to post it here ...

Is cloakcoin good?

Its actually far better than dash with peer reviewed security audits

Yep, right now, there's a lot of questions. Look at Dash, the bylaws are accessible anytime. So I can decide if I want to become a member and especially under which conditions.

Yeah bylaws should be public. I 100% support this. In fact, I used to look at Dash's bylaws and also how they spent their budget. Amanda B Johnson was a HUGE inspiration for me. She's the reason I started Inside NEM. Her budget was completely transparent to the Dash Community.

Kryptofootball has released also some updates (translation in more languages and more to come, new cards, new dashboard)

Now they’re saying it’s DASH

NPXSXEM not appear in the Dashboard coins list, I have to add it first manually or it will appear when I receive them in?

Daniele Procopio
If you trust the Nem Foundation, you can buy a Nem Masternode now and then it will be much more profitable if the network gets more popular

The amount might will be decreased soon hopefully. I would love to have a nem node run beside my dash node. But the current price is just way to high. I am not willing to invest ~20 more BTC

Daniele Procopio
You have 1000+ dash? Lol

Early bird :) The idea behind that masternode principle got me very early. Low supply combined with a -that days- fair amount of DASH investment to keep a masternode running was a no brainer that this will work out well. Same would be valid for NEM. If many people are going to buy NEM and hold due to the masternode the price will increase -> lower supply = higher price (with same demand)But DASH and NEM right now suffer the same problem. A masternode is too expensive. I would also not buy a Masternode for DASH today. And a NEM Masternode cost right now even more than a dash node if I am right.

everyone can fork catapult just like everyone can fork bitcoin. there are coins like litecoin, dash and others which are forks of bitcoin. usually the original project is the most trusted/used version (see bitcoin)

true. But Supernode is too expensive. I have a super/masternode running on all coins except NEM and CryptoChain. I would like to have at least a NEM supernode but ROI has no fair relation to other coins. Instead I would go for a second DASH Masternode :-/

I guess ,While updating node lost my previous wallet, so i have to restore old wallet...right?, Bt how can i do this?

The wallet is not stored on the node. Not sure what you want exactly to do. You must have the private key to restore wallet access and be able to do a transaction./account/get?address=wallet-address is just API call that will return you balance and everyone can call this on any address. You get 400 because you passed wrong address or address with dashes.

Just checked How are you actually intend to promote the new releases. Which channels, countries etc? How big will be the budget for the marketing for that period? Have you already contacted popular companies for an enterprise usage with a catapult demo? If yes how was the feedback? Have you reputable/popular and big partners on catapult launch? (Not another crypto company which has no weight)If yes, can you publish them? Are you going to focus more on the EU/US market in the future?Are you going to release high quality marketing videos, slides etc? (proper sound quality, modern set etc)So basically I would be very delighted if you can communicate how you'll use the momentum of catapult.
Hi, thanks for this post! Great questions which I’m happy to answer. 1.) We’ve done a ton of prep work in this area and collaborated with Core Team, Tech Bureau and the newly formed NEM Studios. We then hired seasoned talent with decades of experiencing managing Fortune 500 companies to help with pre-launch, launch and post-launch activities for Catapult. Then we partnered with Ventures to leverage the talent of Waschman for PR — which is the firm behind Kraken, Dash, Coindesk and many others ( We then set up a steering committee for this team led by myself, David Shaw, and Nate D’amico. The results of all of these efforts are giving us a highly detailed strategic plan that is being refined now.

We also use TBB to book Foundation travel because the prices are competitive and they have dashboard to keep track of travel for audit purposes.

I do not see on dashboard my coins only thru explorer...and im using windows wallet