digibyte got their app in there for awhile now and no issues

Also I think digibyte claims to be able to handle 5800 tps

b1 for Digibyte it's 42000 euros

Link to digibyte channel?

Below is a list of @Crypto's largest groups, showing the number of members in the Top 10 groups as of the 1st June 2017. 01. @WhaleclubBTC 4643 02. @TheCoinFarm 4450 03. @WhalepoolBTC 3535 04. @DigiByteCoin 2830 05. @Litecoin 2627 06. @ICOCountdown 2076 07. @Ripple 2056 08. @NemRed 1798 09. @EthClassic 1672 10. @WavesCommunity 1578

What makes price stable is the regular use. Digibyte only give coin, don´t have income, only speculation flow

was huge hype,ended up being a meme for DIGIBYTE

English: Dear OKEx user: OKEx will be online NEM (XEM), DigiByte (DGB), the specific time is as follows: December 19 at 19:00 open XEM, DGB recharge; December 25 at 16:00 open XEM, DGB transactions; December 26 opening XEM, DGB cash withdrawal. OKEx Tips, digital assets are innovative investment products, the price volatility, with high investment risk. Investment Looking forward to your full knowledge of digital assets, rational judgment of investment ability, making prudent investment decisions. OKEx will continue to provide you with better products and better service!

Dear Valued Customers, We are launching NEM(XEM), DigiByte(DGB) soon, please take note of the following go-live schedules: 1. XEM, DGB deposit - 19:00 Dec 22, 2017 (Hong Kong Time) 2. XEM, DGB spot trading - 16:00 Dec 25, 2017 (Hong Kong Time) 3. XEM, DGB withdrawal - Dec 26, 2017 (Hong Kong Time)

Is digibyte have affiliation with digixdao?

Has nem consideree partnering with DigiByte

George Robert
Has nem consideree partnering with DigiByte

Should it not be the other way round? DigiByte is more than welcome to become a NEM mosaic if they want.

George Robert
It should be a mutual thing , since DGB has such a high rating and comparison to Bitcoin

DigiByte is a bitcoin clone, maybe one of the better ones. But its still only a clone vs. NEM with its own codebase. What would be the benefits for NEM from such a partnership? Clearls it does not need Digibytes "reputation".

George Robert
It would be like partnering with Bitcoin at it's beginning stages

How would partnering with bitcoin even be possible? Its no legal entitiy behind it. Same for NEM, only partnership would be with the NEM Foundation. And before asking them you should at least have some argmuents as to why this partnership with DigiByte is benefical for NEM