Jeff: First, there is no “clear” answer to that question right now because work is ongoing, but let me try to make things a little clearer than what they are now. I am just guessing the question you are specifically asking is not exactly when Catapult is “ready”, but more so “when will there be a public mainnet launch”. I’ll explain. The current release of Cow is already a powerful release with more features than most other blockchains and is more scalable, so if you want to know if it is ready, all of those features already released are “ready”. This includes making namespaces, making mosaics, mutlisig, multilevel multisig (Multisig 2.0 and way more powerful), aggregate transactions (grouping txs. This is so powerful), send by alias, account properties (filters on what accounts can and can’t do), cross-chain swaps, and much much more. In addition, it has NEM’s revolutionary new architecture of the P2P server and the API server which fixes problems like Ethereum’s Infura problem which has led to their centralization of dapps and reliance on ConsenSys. As far as I know, even if Ethereum gets POS (which NEM has a version of called POI) and gets sharding (We already have private chains to offload tx volumes), it will still have the Infura centralization problem. The closest thing to a publicly posted list of things that need to be done before a public chain can be launched has been posted here which adds support for even more features above and beyond those mentioned above. Most of these changes are “adding” onto the work already done and not rewriting. The core of Catapult is getting quite stable. The things labeled “Dragon” are tasks the devs are currently working on. The things labeled “Elephant” are things that will be worked on later.