Hi! I found a group which was shared in another group 3-4 days ago! They told me to buy BNB and I did, and well we all know what happened next! The group is called @ChimeraOfTheMoon ! All the proof of this call is in their telegram, screenshots etc! Im super happy, so as good gesture i try to spread the word about them! They don't do pump and dump! Only calls on Binance/Bitmex!

Tan simple como instalar la Wallet de LoyalCoin es llevarte gratis una Hamburguesa en McDonald´s Filipinas, todo gracias a la Blockchain de NEM. Si estás desarrollando una idea con nuestra Cadena de Bloques, Dave Hodgson de Nem Ventures te cuenta cuál es la mejor vía para que recibas apoyo de nuestro Fondo Comunitario. Ésto y más en esta emisión de NEM Español.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TebqKPlRHA
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Good day NEMbers! As part of the initiatives of the NEM Foundation to have a more effective way of communication, we encourage everyone to move to the official telegram groups of #NEM [email protected] - on topic [email protected] - for price [email protected] - for concerns regarding projects based on [email protected] - for customer support (general and tech queries)@NewsonNEM - NEM updates and [email protected] - for [email protected] - for Japanese @NemRussiaOfficial - for [email protected] - for [email protected] - for [email protected] - for ChineseAll Foundation news and updates will be announced on these channels only from April 8, 2019. We appreciate your kind cooperation. Thank You.PS: We will be closing this telegram group in the next 14 days.

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Hola me uno al grupo desde San Diego California...

Bienvenido, pero pásate al otro grupo en Español, este se cierra en dos dias

Cuál es el otro grupo?

Perfecto. Gracias!

Good weekend! I found a group lately called @TheHouseOfChimera which was shared in this group a few days ago. I did join them and i made my first profit on BNB and QKC! I'm obviously quite happy with this, and that is why i spread the word as good gesture! They only give calls on Binance and Bitmex, no pump or dump scams.

Te explicamos en tu idioma, paso por paso, qué falta para que tengas a la mano la próxima evolución de la Blockchain de NEM: Catapult. Esto y más en este episodio de Nemespanol. https://youtu.be/a6B3LDxFw0w
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No se iba a borrar este canal?

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BTC is getting some traction! Amazing! 5.2K now! Wahoo! I have been following a group which was shared a lot lately - @TheInnerBullCircle - and I was super skeptical at first but actually they give fine calls, they are quite okay actually! They do document all their trades in an online profit sheet. So far I have only seen Binance calls, and no pump and dump shit!

Por Dios, el SPAM aquí está a Full 😂😂😂

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NEM busca talento de Desarrollo con NEM BonfireSiguiendo con la transparente agenda, NEM crea un espacio para que compañías especializadas trabajen en desarrollos para nuestra #Blockchain. Te lo explicamos, en tu idioma, en esta emisión de #NEMespanol.http://bit.ly/2UT9pOB
¡Adivinen bajo cuál Blockchain están hechas tanto la aplicación que ganó el evento como la utilizada para recoger las votaciones de los asistentes! Te traemos lo mejor del Demo Day de Tutellus y su aplicación ganadora; por supuesto, hecha en NEM. Esto y más en esta emisión de NEMespanol | #TutellusBlockchainDD | http://bit.ly/2v5HnAK
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