Los assets de SuperNET en breve se irán a Komodo

Por cierto tengo 2 assets de mierda que no puedo hacer nada

LuxTag's debut in the Art Industry thanks to the partnership with Artist Poesy Liang!
We are excited to announce #NEM has made a strategic partnership with #OATH Protocol, a project building a decentralized, standard, and extensible public chain-agnostic protocol that protects dApp users’ rights and assets!🚀
Nelson Valero y Thanh Le en el BSL Bogotá 2018 (English with Spanish subtitles) In this special episode of latiNEM we bring you these two assets of the best Blockchain speaking about how they became a reference in this technological panorama, Use Cases for NEM and what they think of the Latinamerican perspectives in Blockchain.

Yo creo q es por la airdrop de Vostok a todos los q poseen Waves y wct. También recientemente ha comunicado q colabora con Microsoft en Azure para desplegar dlt privada con smart assets y smart contracts