Haha got banned from Nemberia. Truth hurts

I invest 25.000 dollar totally, the price %25 per a week, i can not talk so intresting

Sell and leave nem. Why insult another holders? It's not nem bad - it's you shitty trader lol

Just i am talking about this situation.

Mehmet Oğuzhan Duatepe
Do you think nem has a good performance.? I never said sell or buy

Yes they are performing very well. Soon they will release catapult to public chain.

Mehmet Oğuzhan Duatepe
I am talking price performance

Just buy more now that you can get it on discount. In two years you'll be happy

Haha got banned from Nemberia. Truth hurts

Your predictions of the future are considered truth? Are you delusional? You simply posted low IQ content solely about price in a channel not made for price talk. Get over yourself and realize you contribute nothing.

Looks like this is behind the market drop https://cointelegraph.com/news/drafted-keep-big-tech-out-of-finance-act-surfaces-days-before-libra-hearings

If some goverments says anything about crytpo will we go 0.?

Maybe i crossed rule again, not bad language or something but maybe i will ban also here:)

I am talking only reality:)

I remember last time people predicted his loss...

That's why I said "may"...

Shaun Belcher
Looks like this is behind the market drop https://cointelegraph.com/news/drafted-keep-big-tech-out-of-finance-act-surfaces-days-before-libra-hearings

The bill shouldn't apply to Libra though if my reading of the summary is correct - even though Libra is widely touted as Facebook, its not technically, its a consortium of 100+ companies and Facebook's only actual ownership/control is on their Calibra wallet which connected to the Libra chain - that chain is developed by the Libra Association.I suspect it will be pretty easy to side step what they are trying to do and just say FB hasn't established, maintained or operated it...all Facebook (and the other partners) are doing is injecting $10m into an open source project that is entrusted to the Libra Association, its that Association that is launching it, they don't have revenues above $25b and I bet after this announcement, won't be US based...

It's just a draft bill, too. Introduced by Democrats. If it actually gets to voted on in the House, and passes. Republican majority Senate would likely shut it down. And even if it became law, it lends more power to bitcoin and decentralization.

There are major issues with the financial establishments. Debt is growing faster than GDP. Inflation outpacing salaries. Debt ceilings keep being raised while it becomes harder and harder for each country to be able to meet their minimum payments. Large portions of the taxes raised are consumed by the interest payments. The banks need to keep the people dependent their currencies (especially USA, as USD is a world reserve currency) or the system can come crashing down as more and more dump their holdings for more secure assets. Those drafting bills against crypto are likely under heavy influence by the banks.

I posted do you remember.?

Shaun Belcher
from what i understand, Trump started making a bunch of anto-crypto/bitcoin comments around the same time. Its crazy how markets react to news, but I agree, i highly doubt Libra will establish itself in the US, perhaps Gibraltar? lol

Yeh he did. It also coincided with TA that said that price drop was overdue anyway and the tweets came out 24+ hours before the drop...it actually went up after his tweets. Im not convinced the tweets and price drop are linked personally

Powell was speaking Cristal clear on Bitcoin as digital gold to us senators live and Trump reacted to protect Dollar

Powell even suggested the possibility of multiple currencies alternative to US Dollar

All based on economic data from Trump failed actions