no i dont think we are enemies, i think they are stressed as we are.

The main problem is 100% out of our control

Honestly NEM better pull something pretty quick

let's just wait and given the last couple of days, i really got tired of the fight, i think we all are. let's see what end of march brings, and take conclusions after that.

I've been having this fight for almost a year now with Mix

yeah one of you has to be the bigger man and let it be, but since he is n admin and can't really do that. i think in the end it solves nothing, so maybe you have to give that fight up, and we focus on the real problems, when time comes.

That has got to be a year almost

I drink for forget my friend

so i did tell you guys 2 times in the last week to stay ontopic here about trading. if i put you on read only now, how would you react?

pls use another group for your personal conversations. people who are here for trading dont take the channel serious anymore

Honesty NEM and its channels have gone to such shit I'm indifferent to it. I haven't witnessed proper trade talk in here ages before I joined. Just silence and horrifically hopeful TA

you are part of the problem you mentioned. everyone who joins here as newbie will be distracted by your private topics. there is nothing which is interesting to new users about your story with mixmaster or nattas dedication to Lon. why dont you just create a channel to pass time?

Also like 50 seperates posts of a cup and handle

Honestly Leon told me to come in here because it was more relaxed

if it has no value for you dont use it

dont destroy it for others

I just assumed it was more relaxed

it is as long as it is ontopic in some way

even if its news about a coin which is not directly about trading

but it isnt a room to talk about your daily problems with admins in other channels

other channels wouldve banned by the first hitler gif^^

Not sure how that is relevant to this conversation but Downfall is a great movie

And the title describes NEM situation greatly done

If you believed in those principles, you would have created your own channel with your own understanding of what crypto channel should look like and advertise it here so people could decide.

Dorian Stinghe KoN done

if you turn it to a supergroup you can make a @ handle to join 😁👌

Dorian Stinghe KoN done

If admin can send people here it can make a good unofficial group I think

Admin of nemberia and red I mean