How about just talking to each other

Yeah, but that's the thing, maybe he kept "talking to each other" and that didn't solve anything

Evi Fam
This is the second time already.

Don't worry, I know. But you go ahead and tell me what enterprise doesn't have problems of any kind.

I believe you missed the point.

cip nervozaur
I believe you missed the point.

Decentralisation is no excuse for real leadership

Yeah ok, we seem to have different conversations so I'm gonna go now.

Evi Fam
Decentralisation is no excuse for real leadership

Lol, you totally missed the point he was making. Every enterprise has some internal struggles where not everyone is on the same line. Doesn't mean the enterpise is falling apart or development is delayed

spizzerb (patrick)
if it was just optin optout we would do a PoI vote today

It's nothing to do with opt in opt out. There was an issue but it's not this. And it's also not as bad as what people are thinking I think. Everyone can relax 😊

Also correlation doesnt equal causation ;) btc is dropping too and it's just a couple percent. Nothing out of the norm imo

if you will hold atleast until catapult is here the price shouldnt concern you really 😅 if it dumps it might be a good chance to pick up more for catapult

what is catapult going to do

​​We’re delighted to announce that the Catapult Public Testnet is now live! Check it out here