mxc seems to be overloaded all the time. Probit or Bilaxy are easier to use.

Hi all. It seems this site is trying to scam nem users. Please be aware this site is nothing to do with nem and is near certainly a scam site. Any site that offers assured profit, stay away from it.

One user already seems to have been caught out by this so everyone stay clear of the above site if you come across it.

Hi folks, maybe someone can sell me large amount of NEM, i can pay more than market price. Message me your offers.

read the description please

I have best ticker name LON

Lon Wong ticket 🎫

Why are there still so many choices? Wasn’t the Twitter vote suppose to cut it down to 3 or 4? What was the point of voting it on Twitter?

These is official

Twitter I do not know the reason

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