The last bot standing 😂

I love XEM pomp!

Or a few years

Will be pump when bitcoin break first 10k and then 15k

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Hello Team. What do you think? Drop over or not?

What are the expectations in short term, like a week?

Pump when btc up at 10k and 15k big pump

Btc will hit more than 20k soon

Soon means a month max?

I believe at one month to two months

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Lol, is this a cheap scam? Promise of the usual "DUBBLE" money, 😂

Where is the tweet gone and the poster? Lol

Xembtc up 10% from the bottom

On bittrex, only 2.5btc wall till 530 and had support of 4.5btc, still moved from 425 to 430

Ashu The Emperor

Acha, aap ho idhar, main socha koi aur, lol

Udhar mat batana, hahaha

What is the price prediction of XEM

2-3k sat I think

but it's very good, current price is 450 sat, I'm absolutely sure we will see at least 1000 sat, so it's already 2x

But what about long term price prediction

Is there any chance to touch ATH

if we look at steem which got a fork with hive, it was pumped 4x. so this is what I expect with xem. if it's price is not going down then 4x is 2k sat.