i mean the setup is quite simple

just follow the pack

Hahaha too much simple. But yes... i think we‘ve been into the accumulate process for a while.


Mikko's excellent analysis

one of the original visions

targets are rather simple but the resistance above is just toooo strong :) and most likely we will retrace back down

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need a convincing candle down now to continue downtrend

or then up we go

These newer charts are not convincing. I stick to your original analysis. That's my masterplan! :D

It's always good to update your plans as things get more clear over time

This page has been Soo slow

nothing beats the origins, just look at btc whitepaper :)

Reason of the pump?

Reason of the pump?

volume increase I think, I've been on calls since it started so havent been able to look at it yet, I'll ask Nick to come in here and have a chat 2 mins

Nick is just joining a call and will pop in here after for a chat

nice to connect with you

im head of trading for the NEM group

so keen to have some in depth discussion with you all about price

we have had a nice and much needed pump on xem

looks to me like the beginning of a break out - https://www.tradingview.com/x/oo0P6ens/

key now is we want to see sustained buying and volume of this move could collapse

has anyone here observed the 6 day cycle on XEM BTC?


we get pivots most around the cycle

I like that for first time have you here

looks like we are in the upcycle

first day of the cycle saw the initial climb

I like that for first time have you here

sorry this was my bad, I should have pointed him to the group earlier (I had it on archive cos its been so quiet) - he's here now tho :D

Also will be good if nick post all these at twitter

Will be great

will think about it 😅

this is what im watching atm https://www.tradingview.com/x/6kL9VmXR/

usd price on support

Yes must be more active at twitter NEM need person like you

but looks liks IH&S

so hopefully we climb back to the top of the channel

All these if post it at twitter will be super bullish for NEM price my thoughts

You might be Justin of NEM