Nick is better but for me is much mush better if every some days not every day every some days like 2-4 days post all these at twitter

Cheers for me

but will need followers

Try it now bro take some from me and Dave 😎

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Start to like again NEM

go work your magic @dsquared2

BTCUSD approaching break out territory

a break on BTC could coincide well with the longer term XEMUSD pump cycle

around this time in the cycle we break a downtrend

the climbs have fallen in intensity with volume

but if BTC break 10500

we could see a pretty big move on XEM

particularly if we climb above 0.065

we would have cleared the long term resistance we have been stuck under since 2018

by this chart is should be beginning this week or next

Nick Pelecanos
bull div on BTC
spread the word -

Cool pelecanoa

if people buy xem,why is the price so low?😂

XEMBTC looks like it is breaking out on the daily

this supports my cycle theory

slowly chipping away at 470 resistance

Looks like the engine has started

Yep!! Altcoins performing nice. Let’s see if we’ll have another bull run as 2S17

Maybe with Symbol we could sky rocket again :) would be nice to be back to 2 USD again for a while

Can I buy xem

Sure. Many exchanges list XEM. Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex etc. But don’t buy too many so the price won’t rise toooooo fast. ☝️🤣

Yes, of course that is possible