I'm not sure it's bitcoin soaring or the US Dollar deep diving


Of course US dollar is weakened by all the inflation, but that's only a small influence on price action. If it was the primary influence, then prices of gas, eggs, milk, everything would be up by same %.

Not yet but we'll get there unfortunately 💩

Most of the inflation is just numbers in a database, allocating debt for our children to deal with at some point in the future.

how many people in this chat are actively trading the market

id like to provide some the the NGL trading analytics to the community

Yeh ive asked if someone can let them know to correct but it was written without being asked someone decided to write it because of interest, which is good

The about page on nem website is nearly empty, and other pages just fluff & eye candy. I'm actually not even sure where a person would go to get up to speed on what NEM is, how it got started, and where it's going.

I guess I can kinda see how the website was changed to separate Symbol and NEM, but now there is at least 3 websites.,, and - And each site has particular information

xemusd at the top of its range

i can see XEM hitting the top of its range

here is what we need to watch for the accelerated break out -

once the USD resistance gets a clean break xem is going for a run

The true volume on exchanges is super low. Getting in under 500 sats is amazing. When Symbol starts making noise and attracting newcomers, things will get crazy. But, unless there's something amazing behind the scenes I don't know about, everything is hinging on Symbol main net going live.Until then, I'm not charting on $XEM. Just use volume & basic indicators.

BitFlyer just announced a couple of hours ago that they have listed Xem today. Biggest exchange by volume in Japan.And there is a competition for anyone that buys a certain amount of xem (or xlm) on 6th of Aug to celebrateCoverage is in Japanese for obvious reasons but google translate worksThat seems bullish for [email protected] @dsquared2

but if we keep this momentum, we should break through the 600 sat resistance soon.

filled the divergence

i imagine we will now head to the top of the channel -

whats exciting is we have now broken out of the channel on the USD pair

Nick Pelecanos
a break on BTC could coincide well with the longer term XEMUSD pump cycle
Remember this cycle? its still playing out but now we have broken out of a longer term down trend, could we climb to the ath now?

Interesting buy order on Binance for xem - about 24BTC purchase around 506 sats, nice to see some bigger volume orders on there

Fantastic news. Wonder if they will add to Bitflyer US site at some point? NEM seems to have a lot of traction problems there.If you didn’t know...Coinbase tracks NEM on their site because it’s in the top 30. They are quick to say that that that does not mean it will be added for trading though.