who is reputable and wants to be admin?

any nem team members here?

ye youve been around for a few years nembit

know who i miss? b

i liked his positivity

someonecan make me admin if they want

mmm.... did you beat me to banning AA ?

was going to be my first act

Finally a more legit estimate of NEM's technology capabilities and our true competitors..kinda like Indiana already said back in the day.https://news.yahoo.com/us-retailers-ramp-blockchain-tech-100027921.html

Nem / Xem on its way back

Catapult definitely getting put out this year

will be a game changer

Bloodyrookie has said Catapult public chain will be out this year

this will be groundbreaking

hope you Brits are spreading the word ?

nope ? you should be .... lol