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Hi Mano, need to get more UK users involved and start building community

Sounds good, this group has potential to grow massive, I'll try and invite some UK NEM users I'm in contact with

What is this new group fop

The NEM red/blue groups are getting quite big now so this chat will be for more specific topics (uk related)

Please no gifs of cats in this one

Haha not a fan of cats?

Fuck cats. Where my muthafuckin Doggz at??? Woof Woof!

Vlad, mano is a cockney greek

Respect to my Greek brothers

We need to get more UK users involved

will only come with time

Hi, joining uk group. Saw the message on bitcointalk from n3lz0n.

Thanks. Was waiting for a UK on. Joined nemred in thr meantime.

Home sweet home, hi all NEMbers in the UK

Anyone good with Photoshop? Our room badge needs a makeover to reflect the UK

Will look to getting it sorted

Lots of accumulation around this level, have refilled my bag slightly again

Rough where are we from in the UK? I'm South-East England close to Brighton

Up and down but mainly london

i did for you this flag if you have a better version let me know

Very impressive cheers mate

i added some space for better visibility center

Cheers mate Top job

Subject to change after article 50 complete. ;)

If Scots get their referendum 😊

We'll see aha

Lol one less country means we can use the provincial flags

For future use if Scotland leave the union.

I guess the diagonal could be less of an issue in the future and people won't get it upside down

Morning all did you see Jeff's discussion on Reddit which has now been shared via Twitter and Facebook?

Which one lad