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Binance Maximum pump👉 @maximumpump 👈 big pump signal new channel👉 @maximumpump 👈

As the market is looking quite stable and green even, we will be pumping! We are very excited to pick pumping back up and we feel like the market has stabilized enough to allow for that!Details for the pump:Exchange: BinanceDate: 24-03-2019Time: 7PM GMTAdvantage: The pump will be Free-For-All (FFA)

Good day NEMbers! As part of the initiatives of the NEM Foundation to have a more effective way of communication, we encourage everyone to move to the official telegram groups of #NEM [email protected] - on topic [email protected] - for price [email protected] - for concerns regarding projects based on [email protected] - for customer support (general and tech queries)@NewsonNEM - NEM updates and [email protected] - for [email protected] - for Japanese @NemRussiaOfficial - for RussianAll Foundation news and updates will be announced on these channels only from April 8, 2019. We appreciate your kind cooperation. Thank You.PS: We will be closing this telegram group in the next 14 days.

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