who is reputable and wants to be admin?

any nem team members here?

ye youve been around for a few years nembit

know who i miss? b

i liked his positivity

someonecan make me admin if they want

mmm.... did you beat me to banning AA ?

was going to be my first act

Finally a more legit estimate of NEM's technology capabilities and our true competitors..kinda like Indiana already said back in the day.https://news.yahoo.com/us-retailers-ramp-blockchain-tech-100027921.html

Nem / Xem on its way back

Catapult definitely getting put out this year

will be a game changer

Bloodyrookie has said Catapult public chain will be out this year

this will be groundbreaking

hope you Brits are spreading the word ?

nope ? you should be .... lol

Hi 👋Video call with me now https://callme.llc/cz758mqc 💌

Wow Dam, waited furthermore in length with this is occurring no joke http://t.cn/AiWp8nbv

are there any UK members still active here ?

i expect this channel to be more lively by the end of this year ;)

or when next Altcoin season kicks in

the forking of NEM in last quarter will get people talking... maybe two blockchains from Nem running

the new Catapult upgrade and the old chain will continue methinks