Good morning vietnam!!!!

On May 9th @kvandereck will speak at ICTSpring about protecting privacy data with NEM blockchain technology. #NEM
NEM and Luxtag present at NASA Space Apps #Hackathon in Kuala Lumpur #Luxtag_io #blockchain #NASA #XEM #Fintech

Anyone staying in Vietnam here?

In vn for the month

Bitcoin Saigon meetup

They are mainly bitcoin guys, so i didnt mention too much of NEM..i discuss bitcoin issue with them, and mention NEM of course along the way

i htink the event has pasted

they have weekly meetup

every Thursday i think, but be sure to check their FB page

we both will be wearing the NEM polo

the location is not fixed

they will change

wow xem is leading

q98887654: do you know that NEM is a food in vietnam ? go eat some NEM