Hello everyone How does it works

NEM is POI blockchain platform..

You can find info there

You can program applications with many languages such as C#, Python, Java, JavaScript using NEM SDK

That is some introductions about NEM

is there vietnamese ?

Hi everyone! I did find a group called @PlatinumBulls ! They do give calls for Binance and they give free calls! No pump or dump calls, u can check every trade they made in their profitsheet!

Hi! Hopefully you have a great weekend, i do! I found a group called @WiredChimera ! They give legit calls on Binance, and documentate everycall in a profitsheet! NO PUMP OR DUMP OR HYIP SCAMS

Hi! Hopefully you have a great weekend, i do! I found a group called @WiredChimera ! They give legit calls on Binance, and documentate everycall in a profitsheet! NO PUMP OR DUMP OR HYIP SCAMS

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NEM ecosystem partner CoinPoket are giving away 10 hardware wallets to celebrate the launch of their exchange.To be in the running, simply follow their page on the link below.

Khi nào Thi nem sẽ lên cung trăng nhỉ

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Cách tham gia đầu tư vào FXTrading Corp:Bước 1: Đăng ký:ước 2: Chọn gói đầu tư:ói thấp nhất là 100$+Gói cao nhất là 50.000$Bước 3: Sau khi chọn gói thì hệ thống sẽ tính toán số BTC phải phải chuyển vào, mọi người nhớ cộng thêm tiền phí chuyển vào nhéBước 4: Sau khi confirm xong thì hệ thống Bot sẽ hoạt động, gói đầu tư được kích hoạt➡️ Các hình thức để kiếm thêm doanh thu từ FXTrading Corp+Trả lãi lên tới 2.5% trong 200 ngày+Kiếm thêm 6% cho mỗi lượt giới thiệu.+Dành thêm được 10% cho nhánh có doanh thu nhỏ nhất của bạn+Cộng thêm 2% cho mỗi lượt nâng cấp độ.+Tài liệu tiếng việt tham khảo:

Hey, have a great weekend! I'm fairly new to crypto, and a friend of my told me about a group called @FidelityChimera ! Well, i made my first small profit a few days ago! Not shocking but, well its something lol :-) Anyways, as good gesture I thought I spread the word about them! They do NOT participate neither organise a pump or dump! Only calls on Binance.

Hello we are students from Rotterdam Business school, and we are doing a market research about dairy in Vietnam. You could help our market research by filling in this questionnaire

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Good day NEMbers! As part of the initiatives of the NEM Foundation to have a more effective way of communication, we encourage everyone to move to the official telegram groups of #NEM [email protected] - on topic [email protected] - for price [email protected] - for concerns regarding projects based on [email protected] - for customer support (general and tech queries)@NewsonNEM - NEM updates and [email protected] - for [email protected] - for Japanese @NemRussiaOfficial - for [email protected] - for [email protected] - for [email protected] - for ChineseAll Foundation news and updates will be announced on these channels only from April 8, 2019. We appreciate your kind cooperation. Thank You.PS: We will be closing this telegram group in the next 14 days.

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The market is GREEN AGAIN! Wohoo! A group called @HouseOfTheBulls , was shared here lately and I did join it! I was super skeptical in the beginning but it seems like they are quite ok! Their calls are so far profitable for me, and they do document everything in on public online spreadsheet! So far I only have seen calls on Binance, and no pump and dump calls actually.

hello Admins this channel has been deleted.