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The #Xarcade Discounted Sale Offer (DSO) will launch at 12:00 A.M. GMT December 31st. The DSO will run for 30 days and Xarcade’s XAR will start at a discount of 20%! Read more here: To get the latest updates, please join Xarcade community in Telegram:
Thank you to everyone who voted for LocationCore - we have reached the minimum target of 3%. If you have not voted there is still time to do so. Our project proposal is at Supporters of the project will get some unique bonuses, including first access to the application for alpha and beta testing. To vote YES - please send a 0 XEM transaction to NAU3UWQ4PEHDPDSKRLIVSOFOICRTGEA5UWYAXFWV To vote NO - send a 0 XEM transaction to NBZZWAVLPOPRPMJCLF4TEBVKD7JSDAIHB2TGEEC6 Thank you all for your support - it means a lot!

The latest update and developement regarding NEM stolen xems in the recent hack

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Check out the latest #InsideNEM video that recaps the #Coincheck exchange hack + #NEM updates. Make sure you get all facts from NEM!
Japan's first online bank is testign Mijin which is powered by NEM blockchain technology:

Hi There! So how can I participate in the airdrop contest?

@KMANBC @thanhnem we'll pin a message up shortly explaining contest rules etc

Hi All. If you have not done so yet, my latest video shows you how to backup your wallet and private key from the (Desktop) NEM Nano Wallet. Always keep your wallet backed up and safe.
Latest video on how to upgrade to the latest NEM Nano Wallet v2.1.2.

Yes. NEM is really tried and tested. #NEMInfoBites

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Latest Newsletter for myCoinvest is out. Have a read: myCoinvest is based in USA and is building a financial solution on the NEM blockchain that provides users with multiple services to reach financial savings goals, and invest in cryptocurrencies. The newsletter link provides a link to register for the April 10 myCoinvest 101 webinar starting at 8:00 PM EST where you can learn more about the project and company. Register to attend live, or if you cannot make it, register anyway to get a video recording. When you register you can include a specific question you would like to be answered during the webinar. You can also find info at and @mycoinvest. One thing I am excited about is the Vezclub Marketplace or Exchange. Serving multiple uses, this will also be a place to exchange fiat into crypto currency and vice versa, including XEM and Vezcoin (The myCoinvest NEM mosaic). This is exciting as it will be another exchange other than COINBASE in the USA, and the first one on USA grounds to provide an exchange for NEM mosaics. myCoinvest has plans to be available world-wide. So stay tuned.
Hey team! New video to upload across social. Thanks! — Hey NEMbers! Please share the latest Inside NEM! Lots of great stuff including Foundation reorg, interview with DarcMatter, TokenPost, Coinstop, events and XPOS.
NEM highlights its latest update, #Catapult, and features the companies innovating with #NEM at the #Consensus2018 in New York. Read more about this on #NEMTakeover #NEMEcosystem #NEMCatapult
Hey Community! Check out the latest Inside NEM video with the #Consensus2018 trade show recap and an exclusive interview with Ken Huang (former Huobi). Hey all! The second NEM event in Hanoi is here! RSVP for a good time with NEMthusiasts, learn about HIT Foundation with Dr Quy Vo, and get a free drink in the cutest little co-working space in Hoan Kiem district.
Get to learn more about Sernez please see our latest update as reported in the Official NEM Foundation Update. See the detailed report posted by Indian Express published on their nationwide Newspaper:

Free drinks, free snacks and a great night to mingle and network with the who's who of the Blockchain space in Queensland. Leave 25th October free for a great evening and a night of insane value and updates on whats going on in today's market and also the latest insight on Fantom and NEM.

Luxtag Co-Founders Jeff McDonald and Rene Bernard dropped by the NEM Blockchain Centre today to demonstrate and showcase their latest collaboration with Poesy Liang Artwork (she's in Ho Chi Minh City by the way to present at Jeff also gifted the centre with one of the artwork and transferred it on the NEM blockchain
Julius Patrick
NEM FOUNDATION EGM Voting Guide: A step-by-step process on how eligible members can vote in the 2018 #NEM Foundation #EGM (Elections) 👇

For all those in Vietnam who are registered for the NEM Elections, pls follow this guide on how to vote. There are specific steps to be taken, including having the latest NanoWallet (Desktop)There are 4 Leadership Positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, and TreasurerThere are 6 Council Positions, who provide guidance and accountability to the leadership roles. Voting is between Dec 10th and Dec 14thAny issues you can message me. Best of luck to all candidates!

📣📣📣Dear NEM VN, community on behalf of HIT Foundation, a healthcare project building on NEM, I am excited to announce that V1 (Android) of our app is now available for downloading and testing. Vietnamese version is available.Each user gets 400 HIT tokens when you sign up and onboard our app. Early onboarders get rewarded with more tokens. Please check it out and tell your friends. Give us user feedback to help us improve to serve you better. Thank you for all your support to date!📣📣📣

About ton you are talking?

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For those of you following along with the NEM Foundation funding proposal, here’s our latest response to questions by the core devs.
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