How can I find out more?

When is the snapshot?

Blue Orange
You're right. I noticed lately as if the aim of the foundation is to just satisfy the current community with lame news here and there. They don't seem to be serious to me about Xem/Xym. I don't know when the funding is gonna run out. I'm afraid they'll have to ask for another funding without delivering our expectations

Of course they need to ask for funding. As their funding period was for a given period. It is normal.People have to get paid and some one needs to inform the world about NEM/SYMBOL and drive progress. NEM funding is quite small, so not sure why complaining about it. At least you get updates, some other places do not give a sh**, at least you have interactive response to some of your questions vs buying stocks and can only ask questions once every year. Lighten up a bit, this attitude is counter productive and waste of time if unfounded. You ask solid questions sometime and as a Nember I like it, cause tough questions has to be asked, but there is a small line between tough questions and complaining. One needs to keep one-self in check and not always speak up to everything.

hello, can i aske what this group is for?

hello, can i aske what this group is for?

Gifs, price predictions and moaning about NEM blockchain

@nemred for serious talk about NEM

Why you guys keep your Nem on exchange? Nem shouldn’t be sold LOL Put in your wallet, wait for the snapshot and get both!

Just kidding, but yes. Go ahead, harvest and keep your funds safe.

Btw, with the opt-in, is going be awesome to know how much Nem is actually “online” and how much Nem is lost (a lot of early adopter havent move ANY amount)

But, please, keep the opt-in period as simples as possible (and with a good schedule in order to see if everything is right)

Looking forward for the 2nd tattoo. Symbol icon when XYM hits 5 USD

Are the 500mil XEM from the coincheck hack traceable? Will be interesting to see if they move they opt in

maybe you have some in your exchange wallet 😉

Ha, yeah maybe. No I bought mine ages ago

There is an unappropriate message under last NEM post on FB. Some fake NEM account in comment section is trying to scam NEMers. Be aware. ( post)

those 500M were already sold months ago

Alex S

Please don't dissinform if you are not sure. This is old Huobi address which was marked by mistake. Not related with coincheck hack.