and a good way to increase BTC Dominance ...

It's funny how every pump gets comment's but every drop most are silent

Excitement turns to sadness...

Excitement turns to sadness...

Keep a positive attitude and see opportunities. If you end under the bridge you can be sad but meanwhile invest smart 🧠

Bitcoin down to 2,5k and nem to 300 sats or even lower would be just an awesome chance

I know...being sarcastic. Seen this so many times before

Agree. And its good. Money is attracted by smart people :)

Reason: Trump and Others Scared of Cryptocurrency Echo Earlier Fears About Cash.

This is a good article

"Just as politicians seem to unite in fear of people buying and selling things without permission, the rest of us should be brought together in recognizing that what scares governments about cryptocurrencies—and cash—is exactly what's good about the stuff."

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