I have a good part of my holdings in crypto and silver

if he goes hard on derivatives and stops the unlimited pouring of silver future contracts onto the market then the price of silver will explode

I just hope he doesnt get assasinated

biggest threat of all

he really has got a gigantic size of balls

Bix Weir reckons Silver could go to 100 000 dollars per ounce...if banks were to collapse

hes a bit of a dick though

but if theres only about 20 years of mining or less and we go back to sound money...who knows what price it could go to

certainly higher than 20 dollars

"The group was upgraded to a supergroup" 😀

NEM paid for my college degree, just saying. Lol

That's a photo from January. They are still here.

lol. people are so crazy^^
Rip bot. F to pay respects.

Do I need to make bot v2 or is (patmaster?) going to bring it back to life?

The bot always dies when a group is turned into a supergroup. The room ID needs to be updated on bot

NEM price is too low.. bot is at the bar drinking away its sorrow

Ill write a better version, one sec

Took all of 10 minutes, thanks npm.

@nemiobot < New bot.

Also I didn't leak my token, that's a fake one.

Derp, 30 second fix.

XEM Price in BTC: 851 satoshi. XEM Price in USD: $0.00515906.

XEM Price in BTC: 851 satoshi. XEM Price in USD: $0.00516261.

XEM Marketcap in USD: $46,463,490.0