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Cray Sun
That's incorrect, you can check the actual historical data. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/nem/historical-data/?start=20130429&end=20200212

I'm saying that we had higher volume plenty of times after that.

And nowadays it mostly depends on wether or not ZB's volume is included on any particular day.

back in 2015 @jabo38 had to make volume on poloniex so that we not get delisted 😆 i guess it was only a few k

we have come a long way. but not sure how much of that volume is real though

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Everything is real what comes to NEM.

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So what are the tax implications for US taxpayers if we opt in?

only a US based tax advisor is allowed answer such question and u will barly find one doing it for free ;)

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and that his answer fit to what a judge would think is also very unclear

in austria its easy i know if i hold the XYM 12 months as a private person i can sell then with 0% tax

if i sell them under 12 months age i have to pay speculation gain tax

and the gain in that case is from 0 to what i did sell them as the buy price was 0 i got em for free

any country is a bit different and few tax advisors really can give educated answers

its still wild wild west here

US tax laws are a nightmare, especially in situations like this.

Yeah, I was just reading the new IRS guidelines. Uggg

if you receive your XYM before it's actively trading anyway, you'd probably report you received X amount at 0 value. Then when you sell or trade you'd record a transaction at it's fiat equivalent value at the time of transaction. Then pay your 10%+ capital gains tax.

Well if it is at 0 value at the time I receive XYM that's fine. I don't mind paying capital gains if I sell or trade it later.

if you hold for more than a year, pry no sense figuring out your tax liability, yet. Bound to be price changes and law changes. Hopefully a reduced capital gains tax, especially for small investors.

but, just my 2 sats. Not tax advice. 😅

Any nudesI meant news*

Yeah, need some clarification on the whole IRS "dominion" issue.

Chris Hogan
Yeah, need some clarification on the whole IRS "dominion" issue.

They seem to want to treat forks like it they create new wealth when this is not what's happening. It is not right imo, but an unfortunate result of the whole airdrop craze since 2017.

Chain forks are more like stock splits than dividends. But IRS is treating them like dividends. The problem is it can have financially disastrous results for the honest tax paying crypto holders.

Yep, fortunately we do have the option of opting in later.

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