it really grind my freaking gears

Ok. I thought we were ready to party. Lol. See you all later. 😜

A bull run is never a straight line up, we went a little too fast the last week, so a little correction is inevitable

is there any official statment about the NEM snapshot?

Ppl should buy xem to get xym

From best to worst performing asset in 2 days lol. Crypto is a wicked game

No way, I've been holding 2 years. I'm just observing because people were getting ahead of themselves thinking this was a moonship

We'll be back over 700sats in 12 hours

We are in a bullmarket a correction is normal

Ppl want to see ATH bfore they are sure that we are in a bull run just to buy the top.It will happen faster than ppl think


It will pump fast that they will miss everythibg

I have a question, since I probably won't get an answer from this person.. why does every scammer around here want to know where you're from?

Haha, but then the fun is over so fast

cip nervozaur

They're everywhere. popin and asking if you known BTC.

What saddens me though is the thought that there are people who fall victims to this crap.. like, come on.. investment opportunity? Jesus christ give me a break..

i did loose 400 usd in eth. when i started this. some dude got me. it was my fault, never make decisions after 4 am.

that's why they call it the devils hour ;)

How did they get you?

he gave me some links that look legit. i wanted to mine btc. well that never happened.

i had a feeling but his timing was great and i just was to tired to make a good conclusion.

i guess you have to lose some of your own money first to really become immune against scams 😅

i was close to get scamed with my nemstake when they tried to fish bitcointalk accounts of stakeholders

they made a copy of with slightly different domain name and sent it via PM from a user which was named similar to patmast3r 😅

i lost some btc at cryptsy though. never leave funds on exchanges they said

😆😆 that was in sept 2014

scammers trying to get XEM since nearly 6 years