Off-topic, but kind of relevant too. IOTA is currently under fire by people calling it a centralized blockchain because the blockchain is currently being temporarily ‘turned off’ due to an ongoing investigation of an attack:

I really appreciate the decision NEM Foundation and core devs took for not forking after the Coincheck hack. Hopefully Symbol will still not have this ‘feature’ to turn-off or pause the blockchain for whatever reasons. A non-disruptive feature like transaction ‘flagging’ is in my opinion still acceptable.

Makes me curious about what would NF and/or core devs do should such an attack happen to Symbol blockchain. 🤔

symbol have no feature to be turned OFF

this would as u correct discover disqualify it as a permissionless decentral open source blockchain

once launches as long as harvesting nodes that trust each other (follow rules definde in code) new blocks will be created noone can stop that.

any change of code have to be accepted by every node who wanto to follow that new version of code by update the node software

so its absolute in hand of people if and what kind of new node software they trust and update towards

XEM had because of closed source NIS1 always the taste of not really a blockchain by definition of that core idealistic values

but XYM Symbol follow them

so the errors of the past shall be forgiven

this time they do everything right

the only somehow central part is the supernode payouts as they are not part of blockchain code but voluntary paid coins managed not by in node included mechanics but instead vorultary extra installed software tp check node performance and central payouts towards nodes who successful pass performance requirements

but u have to see supernode payouts as a seperate thing some volunteer 3rd party bonus payment program to support a high performance network

the blockchain code itself dont know a thing called supernode

it only know harvesters and reward them with XYM when they behave honest and find a block

and compared to the joke blockrewards on XEM (often 0 XEM) on XYM it will be a serious way to generate new XYM

it will be same rewarding as it would be run a mining operation on BTC

just the difference is ur mininggear dont waste energy and never get outdatedbecause ur coins are ur minggear :) thats the beauty of staking

once launches as long as harvesting nodes that trust each other (follow rules definde in code) new blocks will be created noone can stop that.

Yes. Generally speaking, this is also how some of the blockchains work. Including IOTA, wih their ‘Coordinators’ which, among others, are responsible for block validation. But the problem is that because of a centralized control, the blockchain can essentially be ‘paused’ whenever there is a call out to that.

So I’m wondering what NF and core devs will do in such event. Will they also make a call-out to all nodes and harvesters to stop harvesting while investigation is on-going?

devs and not only they anyone can create a new version of the open source node software and each node operator choose what software he run by himself

Does some of you have read the Symbol whitepaper and have analysed it?

there is no autoupdate or remote control from outside over your node

same as on bitcoin if a major event happens that cry for an urgend update even then node operator need to manual update and choose if they happy with the proposed upgrade or they wait for another solution that they support more

power in a decentral blockchain network is with the node operators and blockproducers and in case of a staking technology based network like Symbol that is people who own XYM and run nodes with them

That is good

The white paper or the analysis?

Dr. Grug
The white paper or the analysis?

It was a reply to what Helmut said. See the quoted text.

Hello, what will be the minimum amount of XYM to be able to run a catapult node to be rewarded?

you can read about tokenomics here:

but as helmut said earlier there will be block rewards for harvesters so it might be profitable to run an own node without SN rewarda depending on the amount of XYM you have

Hello, what will be the minimum amount of XYM to be able to run a catapult node to be rewarded?

harvesting is possible with 10000 XYM but so small size it make more sense use delegated harvesting means u get a bit less blockreward (a paart goes to the node operator) but u dont need to run a host

i would gess starting from 100k XYM upwards it make sense start run a own node

and starting from 1million u can also apply to supernode prorgamm to get the extra rewards from supernode bonus program

but be aware this supernode program phase slowly out over comming years its just a starting bonus to attract strong nodes

later on its to be expected that blockrewards anmd transaction fees by itself create a very interesting rewardstream

what u ranting about in ur gif dbundus

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