as libra is aimed to be a stablecoin its not in competition to coins eho are by defibition not stable. i guess most of u dont want a stable cryptocurrency in ur pocket as ur storage of wealth u want a currency with high potential to increase its value thats why libra is great for btc eth and xem because its no competition just expand possibilities where crypto can be used and open the door to mainstream
U.K. Regulators Approve First Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund ‼️✅ Source: CoinDesk✅ News Link:
Reason: Trump and Others Scared of Cryptocurrency Echo Earlier Fears About Cash.
Excuse me, Антон ’s answers are a. foreign languageb. spreading bad mood Please keep communication in English over [email protected] Kindly do your own research if you want to invest into cryptocurrency tokens like XEM.Seeminly, Anton discourages investing. Most other community members would probably have the opposite opinion, especially now just before the big launch event of the NEM Catapult upgrade. Refer to and many other news please.
​​Is cryptocurrency more than a financial investment? Let's learn from Jesyka Hiu as she explains blockchain technology and its use cases on August 3, 2019 at the NEM Blockchain Centre Click 👉 here for more info.
That's one of our problems, good news does not spread across the borders.
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@cryptonitDMD @leoinker For Cryptocurrency matters, I’d agree to the 1-chain 1-coin solution. But for blockchain application compatibility reasons… Ehhmm… I guess a 2-chain solution can be more safe for compatibility? And with future upgrades, the LEGACY NEM CHAIN could then be ported into NEM CATAPULT if the API Listeners were by then backwards compatible.Just my 2 cents 🙂

It’s hard to keep up with multiple cryptocurrency’s when you’re working for a living

Nate D’Amico is an American executive and Chief Technology Officer at NEM Foundation, a foundation created by the top 30 cryptocurrency by trade volume in the world. D’Amico has nearly 20 years of developer and product management experience at enterprise-grade software companies, including SugarCRM and open source projects like Apache Bigtop. Previously, he conducted research and development for Tech Bureau, the leading Japanese fintech and cryptocurrency development group. As CTO of NEM Foundation, D’Amico leads the software engineering team that upgrades the core for NEM Foundation’s Catapult, the smart asset system providing complete blockchain customization options to enterprise-level businesses."Japan Net Bank is an internet-only bank established in 2000, and is a relative newcomer to cryptocurrency-related business – although it has previously taken part in blockchain testing for paperless administration with Tech Bureau, the operator of the Mijin mainnet, and Fujitsu."