Dashboard it's pretty similar to twitch

spizzerb (patrick)
it will be reconsidered for catapult

Nice. Beside the network effect and thats just a bit more fair for the average joe to join the chance to host one if he still invest a fair sum it could also support the price. If people buy and hold a big stack due to that reason. So basically a win win for all. I have a dash masternode running and I even hold my rewards like many masternode contributors. This also supports the price.

How is proximax now related to nem

its a project which works with a copy of NEM tech with some changes and additions. just like litecoin or dash is to bitcoin basically

yes good news but i wouldnt agree fully with this article because they left out Dash for example and i have researched PundiX just yesterday and due to my research you get a staking yield of 10% in form of F(x) tokens

dash is secured by x11 miners not by masternodes

to see whats wrong with dash and masternodes watch this video

no need teach me history i was in blockchain before DASH existed even before darkcoin (its former brandname) launched

yes dash is shady it was designed as a black market coin and shady people involved

dash is a bitcoin fork even they added masternodes so yes ur coin is fork

Patrick | ProximaX 🇳🇱
Yes, but he things we only changed names

he compred it to litecoin and dash which also added features which the original (btc) doesnt have

and same as dash stuck at 0.12 when bitcoin is 0.18 already ur project will be out of state of the art cataüult fast if u no carefull follow maincoin development

why did petro change his blockchain NEM back to ethereum?

First it was proposed ETH, then changed to XEM, then finally was a fork or clone of Dash.

Verge, Dash, Monero

Verge = Fake Privacy and porn.Dash = Privacy?Monero = Privacy.

J Leon | Validators.Online (VO)
Dash's more significant feature now is its 1s finalisation on a POW network.

Yep, that's pretty cool stuff! I don't think I would use Dash for privacy situations, though.

Yep, that's pretty cool stuff! I don't think I would use Dash for privacy situations, though.

There is a fork of dash called Dynamic that is more private. Their developer also contributes to Dash's code base

ETC - XEM - DASH was always a little bit of tiny-miny-moe and u can see they are playing out again from the 2017 big cappers