Are you asking for an update on patience requirements? 😅

Chan Komagan
Any update on this?

Yes update is its two days since last time you asked so strangely no the message hasnt changed.An update will be provided when it is legally appropriate and not before...

Dorian Stinghe KoN
Thanks @davehodgson for the update ahead of the proposal votes. I would like to share this with the NEM ventures community on the announcement first before it goes out everywhere - a huge thanks to @GrandDGipsy tor doing a voting guide, I have linked it on point 6 of the forum post.
New Update on the NEM Ventures next steps post. The main takeaway - we are now open to new proposals!Check the post for details on how to submit etc.

Basically you can’t tell who has made it to the final list

Chan Komagan
Basically you can’t tell who has made it to the final list

Basically no. I can, but I won't.For commercial reasons, all information is public all the time.1. If we do and the companies have other interested investors it can imply we are investing so alter the other investors behaviours and unfairly influence the investment round. This shouldnt happen until we have taken a decision either way. We dont want to to imply a proposam is backed until it actually is.2. If we release info and then don't invest it could be detrimental PR to companies, when it may be no fault of theirs which is not fair. Decisions to invest are not based purely on commercial viability.3. It may encourage other investors to move quicker than are at present which undermines our own investment position on behalf of the community.So while I understand that you want that information, Im saying you wont be given it and its ok if thats frustrating because it is normal practice and being done for good reason Id suggest if you truly want the information because you have a proposal you want to submit that you drop this approach. We do consider how teams manage their brand as part of investment decisions and the current behaviour is commercially naive in a public forum.

Jason Lee
I think this is a good and professional way to approach things. That being said, it would be great to see more announcements in time to come of successful companies coming through NEM ventures :)

Definitely will come and we plan to coordinare PR with the companies as well. The first one is very close and just needs some planning with three orgs to coordinate

@davehodgson spammer alert

Steve O Sullivan
@davehodgson spammer alert

Thanks for the heads up @HawaiiStevo. Her proposal is not the kind ventures is looking for!

lol agreed...but dont write of porn and gambling they could be the dark horses

they wont change the world or make it better but somethings never change!