Josia Engelbrecht
Nice surprise, Nem Ventures adding even more value. Spreading the good news of blockchain ;-)

Thanks @Ravenfields we try wherever we can. Keep your eyes peeled for a few more over the coming weeks, the team were quoted on Forbes and Finance Magnates recently as well.

Hello community cryptonary is making a poll on twitter asking wich token/ Blockchain company to analyze. I am following cryptonary for over a year and the work they do is very professional. Pleas help Nem Xem to be chosen just go on the link and comment with Xem. you for support.

@davehodgson anything ever come from the coinmetro talks?

How are they looking to utilize NEM?

As part of their ICO express module?

Good to hear

👍 obviously cant share much as its an ongoing due diligence and we have NDAs etc in place

Like to pry

As part of their ICO express module?

Prob best to ask them directly as I cant rely comment at present 😁

Well that’s good too

Like to pry

All gd. Happy to share when we can and say when we cant

Any timeframe on this? Or that covered in NDA too

Nothing specific yet. Timeframe changes a lot by opportunity and this one has a fair bit of breadth and detail to assess naturally due to what the team are doing

Catapult update around Namespaces and Mosaics

Nice to see the Catapult series covering upcoming features

Good comment from @davehodgson on CrowdFundInsider“Its foundation restructure and re-focus is currently taking effect, and the launch of NEM’s venture capital arm, NEM Ventures, is further supporting the NEM ecosystem,” Hodgson added. “I believe interest and trust has peaked as a result of these significant changes and our longevity as a chain has been proven, supported by strong market fundamentals.”

Thanks Jason. We are getting quite a few requests for commentary over the past few weeks and trying to be as open and engaging with the media as we can. Its nice to see so many positive articles popping up on newsfeeds for commentay. General market has helped hugely underpin it obviously, without that all the good news in the world makes little waves

Hi Dave, I dm’ed you about ‘Synchronize Europe’ in London on June 18th, thought it might be worth a look.

Hi Dave, I dm’ed you about ‘Synchronize Europe’ in London on June 18th, thought it might be worth a look.

Thanks. Dave will be travelling around that date but I will have a look. (I'm the quieter Dave from ventures 😉)

Thanks both. Sorry I have a backlog of DMs to reply to after being on the road a bit this week

Cheers guys! I’m booking one of you a re-christening. Or everyone needs to be called Dave :)

I prefer the second option

Too late Steve. ;)

Laura Takenaka | Foundation

Thanks Laura, looks really good, we are happy to help with Beta testing if needed when it gets there!It looks like multi sig transaction signing is present but I can't see initiation of multi sig transaction, is that part of the send option and just not explicit?

Hi team, I’m going to be speaking at the APAC Blockchain conference in Sydney on 24th July. My topic is “Blockchain - a game changer in promoting environmental sustainability”. If you know any projects in this space then please put them in touch with me. With gratitude. Deborah

Once again the new NEM-V Clearly adding to the sustainability of the economy ! 👍 "the new listing of $XEM to the Gibraltar Blockchain"

NEM Ventures will be supporting @DyNEMite at the Crypto Chicks Hackathon in Toronto this coming weekend.Any local projects, contacts, Nembers etc that are in town, please put us in touch, would love to catch up.
A quick update on whats been happening behind the scenes lately at NEM Ventures

So the Core Devs took our took our minor update and upped us a Dragon release today for anyone that hasnt noticedGreat work team, looks like a huge amount of work and updates in those commits