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Hey all. Please check our second community update.

Maybe it would be a good idea to post a link from the amplemeter page in the article.

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Good update @CorporalClegg, awesome to see the progress and conversations happening. Thanks for sharing it with the community as well.👍

Announcement from GMO, an important Japanese exchange, today that they now list XEM. Good to see!
The NEM Show is about the NEM Ecosystem. In this very first episode you will find about Pacific, a payment app whose Catapult core could make a difference in this kind of services |
Catapult Tokenomics ProposalAll, the Catapult Tokenomics Proposal has just been released on the Forum for community review, input, questions etc. It is very important that the community provide input and are comfortable with this approach because it will have a fundamental impact on how Catapult runs at launch and for years/decades into the future. Please do take the time to read and comment wherever you can.Translations are on the way and will be updated as available.
Hi All.Q4 update is live on the forum. There will be more updates on the way over the next 5-10 days as well. 👍
Hi everyone. Part two of the Nem Ventures update series is out. Take a look over at the forum:
Hi all.The last in the NV 3 part update series has been posted. This post goes an extra step further in terms of transparency so be sure to take a look :)

Hi new here ready to learn and earn....happy holidays

Please is this nem investment platform

Hi all. It seems this site is trying to scam nem users. Please be aware this site is nothing to do with nem and is near certainly a scam site. Any site that offers assured profit, stay away from it.

Albert brought this to my attention and has said it's ok to forward to the group to make everyone aware. Sorry you got caught by this.

Please forward this to Niko - they stole our website cloud image and are abusing our logo in a way that it appeasr that we endorse them.

Wow. That’s ballsy of them.
Want to know why #Symbol is a better #Blockchain? Check out this #keynote by Jeff MacDonald (@thejabo38) at the TNBTC 2020 (@keynote_ae) in this new episode of The NEM Show |

One time contract sounds very interesting, also like the fact that a Mongo DB is included with the full node for reading data, that's a much better design than Ethereum, Infura is the central poinnt of failure for that eco system.

📢 Community, please take note. We are currently experiencing issues with our NEM Official Twitter handle and are working with Twitter Support to have it resolved ASAP. In the meantime, please visit for the latest updates on NEM and Symbol.

Quick thread with all the various tutorials on building a testnet node for Symbol. The community have been very busy!

This is a good thread, thanks!

We're going to set up a node 👍

We got chatting with the team at DAIA over the past few months (Distributed AI Alliance) and like what they are doing. Its early stages yet but the mission is a good one, Id encourage you to check them out. Led by Toufi (Toda) and Ben (SingularityNet...Sophia the robot fame). Hopefully some good collaborations comes from it and we can showcase @crackTheC0de and IODLT while we are at it.

Great to see such a well thought out community contribution to the ecosystem. AEM have been working on this quite a while and asking for input along the way, first wallet I'm aware of that supports XEM and XYM and is asking for a community roadmap, awesome work! I would encourage people to engage with Jakub on the forum and add any and all suggestions for his product!

Great project! I was moved. Thank you very much!

I had the pleasure of chatting with Yael Lavie from BlockTV this morning about where blockchain investment is going, what symbol is, where the market is going and what we can try and do about climate change issues. Including mentions for Luxtag, IODLT, Ample and Mobi
Latest update AEM+ multi currency (XEM mainnet, XYM testnet & mosaic) crypto wallet update is here! 🚀 Including:- Fix to Symbol Mosaic token display 📱 More Languages: 🇬🇧 English, 🇯🇵 Japanese, 🇨🇳 Chinese, 🇵🇱 PolishMore Currency conversions: 💰 GBP, NZD, USD, AUD, EUR, JPYiPhone, App Store:, Google Play: More upgrades are planned