Fai Wong
Happy to catch up when you're in NEM Glo Damansara area!

We were there about 2 months ago unfortunately. Both myself and Kailin. Hopefully get back through at some point in the not too distant future if we are lucky

Anytime in USA ?

Not this time...current trip is Aus, NZ and back to UK. Will keep you posted if that changes

After an introduction from Solo Energy through their STO, NEM Ventures has been working with NEM Europe, Tech Bureau, Techemy and the Core Devs to work out how to adopt the Verified Token Framework for Security Tokens on Catapult and are proud to be able say NEM is included as a founding member of the Blockchain Token Association and the VTF. This is a framework for what security tokens should support in a technology agnostic way - a base set of functional requirements for STOs which we can extend and build on over time. It has been written by various notable names and NEM is in there alongside them. It helps position Catapult as a chain that natively supports compliant security token launches and we are the first non Ethereum chain to get involved. The devs are targetting version 1 of public chain release for this. Huge thanks to all involved behind the scenes in validating and organising this one. Further press releases will drop over the coming days. https://verifiedtokenframework.com

This is really interesting as I was just on a call with a US based firm who wants to offer STO’s to their clients but want to use NEM to do so

Laura **I won’t offer free coins** Takenaka
This is really interesting as I was just on a call with a US based firm who wants to offer STO’s to their clients but want to use NEM to do so

Nice one. Yeh we have had quite a few asking similar questions so its good to have an easier answer. Would you mind pushing something over to NEM Japan @LauraBKK ? Your Japanese will be a lot easier to read than mine 😉

Thanks. Any help greatly appreciated

Well done with the updates, time to get a few STOs with NEM :)

This is a really cool article and awesome to be part of it! Hope the interoperability part is solved soon

The NEM Ventures team would like to congratulate the newly elected foundation representatives. We have maintained a neutral stance during this process to ensure good working relationships with all parties are possible and avoid swaying votes either way, but we have been paying attention 😉. We welcome the new management team and look forward to working closely together in the future. There have been plenty of issues surface and mud slung in this election, hopefully things can calm down and get productive. We are ready to speak once you get your feet under the table and an agreed plan. Just reach out whenever you are ready. To those candidates that were unsuccessful, we understand the disappointment at this time and hope you will continue being involved in NEM constructively and feel free to engage with us on any ideas as well to help progress NEM for everyone.

Hi Everyone, excited to be a partner of NEM, and now to be one of the startsups to pitch our exciting project to NEM Ventures. I wanted to just say hello, and introduce myself to everyone, and happy to speak about our project Elbaite, NEM, or even where to grab a world famous coffee in Melbourne. Thanks guys!

Hi Morty. Do you have more info about Elbaite? BTW, I'll be in Melbourne end of februari, beginning march. So that coffee is a possibility.

Merry Xmas and happy New year. We have officially incorporated. Full announcement below. https://forum.nem.io/t/nem-ventures-next-steps/19396/27?u=kodtycoon

Great work guys! Happy new year to everyone.

Merry Christmas everyone

Important milestone achieved. Well done.

Congrats to all of Nem Ventures and Merry Christmas one and all, here’s to a great 2019!

Congrats on setteling in Gibralta it seems like the best choice. Are xem holders owners of the Limited or how is it related to each other?

Yay. Merry Christmas all.

Merry Xmas everyone!

Congrats NV team!!!

Wishing a Merry Christmas and to all the best with 2019 for NEM Ventures!

Hi all from @CryptoCashbackCoin NEM based project